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  1. Sanguine
    by Vampire Step-Dad
    A Most Potent Promise A Most Potent Promise
    What a dreaming beautiful synthwave in this album, one of the best in this year.
  2. re: hello, goodbye
    by vhstokyo
  3. re: riding bean
    by vhstokyo
  4. weekdays
    by vhstokyo
  5. re: 17 years and 92 days of summer
    by vhstokyo
  6. イノセント・ブルー
    by vhstokyo
  7. on the way
    by vhstokyo
  8. Fleeting Lights (single)
    by Kebu
  9. Fuse
    by LeBrock
  10. Blue Sky Girl
    by Manhatten
  11. Hope (single)
    by Kebu
    Hope - Original Mix Hope - Original Mix
    What can I say ... no words ... your music is simply the best electronic synth sound today. Waiting for the upcoming new album.
  12. Youthtopia
    by Analog '82
    Tiffani Tiffani
    In love with this album from the first chord, I hope you continue with this line in the hundred next!
  13. The Last Concorde
    by The Last Concorde
  14. Lost Summer (Album)
    by The Future Kids
  15. Believe in Magic
    by Don Dellpiero
  16. Out There
    by Photosynthesi
    Your music is like legend, it seems that it does not exist, it appears from time to time, but when it does it leaves a mark that we cannot forget, making us travel to an emocional state in which we would always like to be.
    I think we would all like to hear you more often, but a track of yours is worth 100.
  17. Let's Play (feat. Dimi Kaye)
    by YORU 夜
    Awesome, at level of Carousel, the heart and soul of what dream-synthwave must be, only good vibes and feelings.
  18. The Future Belongs To Us
    by TV Players
  19. Is This a Dream
    by Don Dellpiero
    Smooth and beautiful sound..waiting for the next album!
  20. You & Me At The Edge Of The World
    by Moonrunner83