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  1. Chucktown Takes: Live from St. Philip
    by Charlie Marie
  2. Green
    by Moor Hound
  3. Blue-Eyed Renegade
    by Graham Hill
  4. Find A Way To Me
    by Erika Ryann
  5. American Love Call
    by Durand Jones & The Indications
  6. Fair-Weather Friend
    by Amanda Joy
  7. The Wind and the Whisper
    by Amanda Joy
  8. Catalina EP (Unplugged)
    by Amanda Joy
  9. Isle of Memories
    by Amanda Joy
  10. Straw Woman
    by Louise Connell
  11. Squall Echo Rale
    by Louise Connell
  12. otrolado
    by corto.alto
  13. Light & Bloom
    by Holly Ann
  14. Squall Echo Rale
    by Louise Connell
  15. Compass
    by Norrie McCulloch
  16. The Sound of Silence
    by Nouela
  17. These Holy Days
    by Anna Ash
  18. Going Down Fast
    by Anna Ash
  19. Demos
    by Anna Ash
  20. Floodlights
    by Anna Ash
  21. Distant Light
    by Tape Waves
  22. Sundries
    by Flower Crown
  23. Happy To Be Here
    by Barrie
  24. Homemade Vision
    by Angela Perley
  25. The Silence and the Common Sense
    by The Sweetheart Revue
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  26. Fluff
    by Steve Marino
  27. Winter Lifting
    by GoldFlakePaint
  28. Bolting Volts (single)
    by Molly Parden
  29. Sail on the Water (Single)
    by Molly Parden
  30. Who Did You Leave For Me (Single)
    by Molly Parden
  31. Faithful and Tall
    by Angela Parrish
  32. Mockingbird Lane
    by Danni Nicholls
  33. Glitter & the Glory EP
    by Starry Skies
  34. Cypress Island
    by Sarah Dupee
    Crude and Refined Crude and Refined
  35. Stereogram Sessions
    by Angela Perley
  36. Folklore Vol. I
    by George Ogilvie, Oktoba, Jacko Hooper, Bess Atwell
  37. Going to Boston
    by The Goodbye Girls
  38. People and Places
    by Ole Kirkeng
  39. A Worthy Adversary
    by Bunny West
  40. I Can't Pray
    by Margo Valiante
  41. Charlie Marie
    by Charlie Marie
  42. Sunday/Don't Wanna Take A Chance - feat. Robert Vincent - DDL
    by Blue Rose Code
  43. The Imperial
    by The Delines
  44. The Sound Of Stereogram
    by Various Artists
  45. Tramlines - download single
    by Lola in Slacks