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  1. Apperception
    by Innesti
  2. Imagined Distances
    by Eternell
  3. Renovatio
    by Purl
  4. Seraphine Wings
    by Purl
  5. Emissary
    by Purl
  6. Violante (Lost In a Dream)
    by Purl
    Violante (Home Edit by Warmth) Violante (Home Edit by Warmth)
    Brilliant memories embodied in music, we will remember and dream.
  7. Autumn Sky
    by Eternell & endlesstrains
  8. Borderland
    by Ludvig Cimbrelius
    Kärlekens Vingslag Kärlekens Vingslag
    A feeling of incredible calm will envelop you, feel the music of freedom and dream of distant lands.
  9. Haven
    by Eternell
    Wonderful swimming for sleeping and leisurely walks and even for work. Thank you for this endless dream.
  10. The Kindness of Clouds
    by Eternell
    This music is like meeting a long-awaited summer in the North, very warm and light. Thank you!
  11. Still Light
    by Eternell
    resting on the surface of a stream resting on the surface of a stream
    This music takes me to my childhood, to the happiest time. It's like she's really from there, incredible...
  12. Her
    by Ludvig Cimbrelius
  13. Elysia
    by Eternell
    Lethe Lethe
    Amazing music for my soul again. I love to hear her walking in nature, or in the city thinking about the eternal, about childhood - about the most beautiful. Thank you from the heart.
  14. Beneath an Endless Sky
    by Eternell
  15. Being Human (Piano Improvisations)
    by Ludvig Cimbrelius
  16. The Present Moment
    by Lav & Purl
    The Present Moment (Still Version) The Present Moment (Still Version)
    Masterfully processed sounds of nature, I would like to live in these compositions.
  17. A State Of Becoming
    by Lav & Purl
    This music helps to live. I am happy to include it outside the city in a wooden house, in anticipation to go take pictures of nature, posobirat berries and other gifts of the forest, breathe fresh air and just exist
  18. Behind Clouds
    by Purl
    Eagles Eagles
    I'm in love with this music since I heard her for the first time. She was with me on long walks in my cozy town. She was with me in a tent in the Northern mountains, a few times, we waited through the rain and listened
    on long trips, at home. Most surprisingly, these compositions can take me there, Hiking, mountains and lakes in childhood. Thank you for this.
  19. Deep Ground
    by Purl
    amneran amneran
    Each track is beautifully laid in my mind. The sounds of nature take me to the mountains, where I go every year, and I dream about forests and lakes, when I'm not there, to this music. Incredible plexuses, beautiful and majestic as our land, sparkling play and shades of melodies.
  20. Dreaming The Night Sky
    by Ludvig Cimbrelius
    Serenade for the Night Sky Serenade for the Night Sky
    True night music, shimmering swim exactly at the speed of clouds in the sky, after seeing the stars and the Northern lights. I think the soul of the sky is shown in all its glory, sleeping and looking at us with their light effects.