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  1. Buco Nell'Acqua
  2. Blood Becomes Water
    by Mortiis
    Patreon/COTBW exclusive
  3. Mortal
    by Necrot
  4. Sect of Vile Divinities
    by Incantation
  5. Best regards,
    by Ancient Hand
  6. Bleed Like You
    by Mortiis
    Patreon/COTBW exclusive
  7. The Year Of The Scorpion
    by Black Rose Burning
  8. Anti-Christ: Nine Odes Of Synthesized Contempt And Joy, Dedicated To Friedrich Nietzsche
    by Vindkaldr
  9. Enchantments Of Old Lore
    by Vindkaldr
  10. Language of Molting Cherubs
    by Full of Hell
  11. Infernal Death
    by Some Dead Bodies
  12. The Great Leap
    by Mortiis
  13. Prequel
    by Cœur
  14. The Shadow of The Tower (full work in progress version)
    by Mortiis
    Patreon/COTBW exclusive
  15. Ambient I
    by Vindkaldr
  16. Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
    by Spectral Voice
  17. Vividarium Intervigilium Viator
    by Melankolia
  18. Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel
    by VoidCeremony
  19. Providence
    by Ulthar
  20. Midwinter Storm II - The View From Elysium
    by Matron Thorn