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  1. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
  2. Undir skyggðarhaldi
    by Andavald
  3. Voice of the Burned
    by Vast Souls
  4. Once Upon A Time In Cosmos
    by NMLSS_VGR
    This has become my favorite instrumental black metal project. So, fasten your belts, we begin to dive into the deep space.
  5. VI - Dantalion
    by Slow
    Lueur Lueur
    Without a doubt, the new album is a perfect representative of its genre, gives an idea of ​​what should be the ideal funeral doom. Deep, moderately slow, melodic, emotional, but at the same time quite restrained. Any Déhà's creation will plunge the listener into catharsis, but each leads its own way. This piece sounds multifaceted due to a rich instrumental component and amazing vocals. It plays with our feelings, causing completely different emotions, sometimes diametrically opposed.
  6. Lost In An Endless Delighted Illusion
    by Sacrimoon
  7. In The Absence Of Existence (Nachtmystium cover)
    by Deadspace
  8. Interlude
    by Maeskyyrn
  9. The Body Cosmic
    by Iapetus
  10. The Great Cold
    by The Great Cold
  11. Ulk II
    by ulk
  12. Ulk
    by ulk
  13. In Asche
    by Abkehr
  14. In Feuer
    by Abkehr
    II II
    Tfw depressive black metal is atmospheric enough that the line between these two genres is blurred. And the vocals. Very decent vocals. Therefore, in this release I like absolutely everything.
  15. VGR77 (Demo)
    by NMLSS_VGR
  16. 011000110110111101110011011011010110111101110011
    by NMLSS_VGR
    by NMLSS_VGR
  18. Age of Darkness and Frost
    by Moon And Azure Shadow
  19. Closed Mouth / Mouth Closed
    by Epiglottis
  20. Cold Rays and Grey Waves
    by Soul Dissolution
  21. Pale Distant Light
    by Soul Dissolution
  22. Sapiens
    by Wilds Forlorn
  23. Blackness in May (Promo EP)
    by Déhà
  24. Stardust
    by Soul Dissolution
  25. nowhere
    by Soul Dissolution
  26. Where Life Should Be
    by NONE
  27. The Contagion in Nine Steps
    by Lychgate
  28. An Antidote for the Glass Pill
    by Lychgate
  29. Providence II: Being
    by ÚR
    appears in 1 other collection
  30. Enclave I.
    by Camecrude
  31. Awakening The Spirits
    by Ilathar
  32. Eclipse I
    by Teratolith
    One. Death. One. Death.
    Stunning occult sounds, woven into the very depth of the soul, turning it into the sheer darkness. Describing this work, the word “meditative” comes to mind, not in its usual meaning, but like unbridled endless dance with death and chaos.
  33. Ascheregen
    by Asche der Welten
    In Den Ruinen Der Metropole In Den Ruinen Der Metropole
    The whole trilogy is a nightmarish epopee about global destruction, wrapped in a beautiful form of atmospheric and deep music, impressive from the very beginning to the very end.
  34. Church of Dagon
    by Burial In The Woods
  35. Chaos bricht aus
    by Asche der Welten
  36. Brennende Atmosphäre
    by Asche der Welten
  37. Of the Deep
    by Beyond the Below
  38. Amissum
    by Chaos Moon