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Mike Liassides

  1. Metal
>>ex silens nox noctis<<
>>ex silens nox noctis<<
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  1. Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief
    by My Silent Wake
  2. Ghost Music
    by Michael Plater
  3. Mythologies
    by Michael Plater
  4. "Texture"
    by Regen Graves
  5. "Falsche Fragen"
    by Runes Order & Regen Graves
  6. Dust once alive
    by Cultus Sanguine
  7. Preservation
    by Regen Graves
  8. To Gaze Longer at the Earth
    by Edenfall
  9. Forever Fallen
    by Edenfall
  10. Umbra
    by Gévaudan
  11. Live at Reaper 23
    by Pantheïst
  12. Axis of Tortures
    by Suffer Yourself
  13. Fthagn-Nagh (Original Quake Map Soundtrack)
    by Pantheïst
  14. Into The Pantheon
    by Empyrium
  15. We Are Already Living In The End Of Times
    by Astral Sleep
  16. Vae Victus
    by Angelfell
  17. When Death Comes Again
    by Aphonic Threnody
  18. Curse the Morning Light
    by Pantheïst
    Even more apposite for my morning coffee than my current Hela 'Death May Die' mug...
  19. Waves of Stone
    by Aeurtum
  20. Mythologies
    by Michael Plater