This is Marek’s music collection on Bandcamp.


  1. Košice, Slovakia
  2. Metal
  1. collection 20
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  1. ILIUM
    by Echoes of Bronze
    3000 Days of Siege 3000 Days of Siege
  2. Sparta (feat. The Queen of the Damned)
    by Warkings
  3. Chasm
    by The Awakening
    Raphael Awake Raphael Awake
  4. Here Comes the Flood
    by July Reign
    Here Comes the Flood Here Comes the Flood
  5. Syndicate Shadow
    by Neon Nox
  6. Fragments of Creation
    by Sunburst
    Symbol Of Life Symbol Of Life
  7. Ethnolution A.D.
    by Mob Rules
    New Horizon New Horizon
  8. Vikings Theme Song (COVER)
    by Dark Oath
  9. Beast Reborn
    by Mob Rules
    Way Back Home Way Back Home
  10. And the Rest Is Mystery
    by Project Aegis
  11. When Fire Engulfs the Earth
    by Dark Oath
  12. The Untamed Wilderness
    by Aetherian
  13. Tales of our Times
    by Aetherian
  14. Drops of Light
    by Aetherian
  15. Scar of Despair
    by Aetherian
  16. The Rain
    by Aetherian
  17. Storyteller EP
    by Night Runner
    A Chance for Romance A Chance for Romance
  18. Prologue
    by The Seer
    Wasteland Wasteland
  19. Emergence
    by Shylmagoghnar
  20. Thunderbird
    by Night Runner