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  1. Under The Dutch Sky
    by Orphax
  2. Touched Two
    by Touched Music
  3. O esplendor natural das coisas e inferno
    by D'Incise
  4. Locked So Tightly In Our Dreams
    by Find Hope In Darkness
  5. Trigger To Strike
    by The Orpheus Choir
  6. Spatial - Primitives
    by Spatial
  7. Cheophiori
    by Accrual
  8. DNMF
    by DNMF (Dead Neanderthals & Machinefabriek
  9. The Four Elements
    by Staplerfahrer
  10. Yogyakarta / Dead Roads
    by Dour Tonic Input / DJ Votive
  11. Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands Pt. 1)
    by TVO
  12. Nagual
    by Semtek
  13. ICU Tracks
    by Production Unit
  14. Dreams Torn From The Sky EP
    by Isodyne
  15. We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
    by TVO/The Village Orchestra
  16. Tar River
    by John Cohen
  17. Magnet Marsh
    by 10-20
  18. Spatial Anxiety
    by Mick Finesse
  19. Not All Clouds Are White
    by Penalune
  20. Un Coeur, Deux Coeurs, Un Coeur, Sans Coeur
    by Orphax