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Khaled Bamujally

  1. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  2. Metal
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  1. Air Not Meant For Us
    by Fires in the Distance
    Crumbling Pillars of a Tranquil Mind Crumbling Pillars of a Tranquil Mind
    The absolute mastery on display here is unparalleled. Unequivocal best album of 2023 and one of the best prog death albums in recent memory. Bravo!
  2. The Proffer of Light
    by Praise The Sun
  3. Disclosure
    by The Gathering
  4. Wishdream
    by Abstract Void
  5. Tales Of Othertime
    by Stormkeep
  6. Illusions In The Wake
    by NOLTEM
  7. Coherence
    by Be'lakor
  8. Thymiamatascension
    by Alora Crucible
  9. Secrypts Of The Egochasm
    by Vaelmyst
  10. Wÿntër Ärvń - Abysses
    by Wÿntër Ärvń
  11. Fragments of Light
    by Stellar Death
  12. Between the Glimpses of Hope
    by Ephemerald
  13. Access All Worlds
    by IOTUNN
  14. Malice Divine
    by Malice Divine
  15. "Pilgrim"
    by THRON
  16. United in Chaos
    by Summoning The Lich
  17. Absent Passages
    by Scaphoid
  18. The Will
    by Counting Hours
  19. Age of Aquarius
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
  20. Glow
    by Countless Skies