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  1. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    by Charly Bliss
  2. Supermoon
    by Charly Bliss
  3. Blink 182's "Dude Ranch" as played by Colleen Green
    by Colleen Green
  4. Dark Star
    by Crimson
  5. There Will Be No Intermission
    by Amanda Palmer
  6. Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself
    by MC Frontalot
  7. Young Enough
    by Charly Bliss
    Hard To Believe Hard To Believe
  8. 0edit
    by Ed Harrison
  9. Heaven
    by Charly Bliss
  10. Soft Serve
    by Charly Bliss
    Urge To Purge Urge To Purge
  11. Guppy
    by Charly Bliss
  12. Thousand Mile Stare
    by Incendiary
    The Product Is You The Product Is You
  13. Black Hole Gods
    by Cardinal Wyrm