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  1. Physical Wizard VII
    by Physical Wizard
  2. Yarrow Lover
    by FONTINE
  3. Homemaker
    by FONTINE
  4. Stand in the Joy
    by William Prince
    Broken Heart of Mine Broken Heart of Mine
    This album is an old soul that has come to us from the past in some sort of Mandela effect time bend. I think it has already existed for many years and it inspired Elvis and Johnny Cash to make music how they did. It is sonically perfect.
  5. Honey on the Hi-Fi
    by Townland
  6. Black Creek
    by Graham Nicholas
  7. Click Right Here
    by Ori Dagan
  8. Treading Water//Ain't No New Orleans
    by Golden Shoals
  9. Fiddle Tunes
    by Elise Boeur & Adam Iredale-Gray
  10. The Empty House Tapes Vol. 1
    by Jordie Lane
  11. Weekender
    by Jeremy Voltz
  12. Church of Better Daze
    by Boy Golden
    Smoke On The Breeze Smoke On The Breeze
  13. More Than Anything You've Feared
    by Erik Bleich
  14. The Sounds Of S. E. Rogie
    by S.E. Rogie
  15. The Bloor Street Sessions
    by Peter Woods & his Preachin' Trio
    subscriber exclusive
  16. Hurricane Coming
    by Shawna Caspi
  17. Everything at the Same Time
    by Caroline Marie Brooks
  18. I'm New Here
    by Zakary Miller
  19. Unearthed
    by Christa Couture
  20. (Bonus album) Quarantine Happy Hour
    by Mike T. Kerr
    subscriber exclusive