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  1. SUPER CHAMPON スーパーチャンポン
    by Otoboke Beaver おとぼけビ~バ~
  2. Make America Hate Again
    by Slapshot
  3. The Fallen Crimson
    by Envy
  4. Atheistʼs Cornea
    by Envy
    Ignorant Rain at the End of the World Ignorant Rain at the End of the World
    Trying to Crack the Hard Dollar Trying to Crack the Hard Dollar
  6. Dark Matter Communion
    by Transitional
    Incandescent Incandescent
    It's like you would watch an "Alien"-movie. No, no, don't follow this signal - it's not an "SOS"!!!
  7. Death Church
    by Rudimentary Peni
    Dutchmen Dutchmen
  8. Gluey Porch Treatments
    by Melvins
  9. Decline and Fall EP
    Ringer Ringer
  10. Sieg Howdy
    by Jello Biafra & The Melvins
    Enchanted Thoughtfist (Enchanted Al Remix) Enchanted Thoughtfist (Enchanted Al Remix)
  11. Streetcleaner (Remastered)
    by Godflesh
    Christbait Rising Christbait Rising
  12. Echology Vol 2
    Fleshology 0202 B Fleshology 0202 B
  13. Desire / No Tears
    by Tuxedomoon
    No Tears (original) No Tears (original)
  14. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing
    by Christ on Parade
    Nothing To Live For Nothing To Live For
    Over thirty years after the release this album still fascinates me with its gloomy sound and political bitterness.
  15. Kings Of Punk
    by Poison Idea
    Ugly American Ugly American
  16. Major Arcana
    by Speedy Ortiz
    No Below No Below
  17. Evol
    by Sonic Youth
  18. Never is Forever
    by Turbonegro
    No Beast So Fierce No Beast So Fierce
  19. Beings
    by Lanterns On The Lake
    Faultlines Faultlines
  20. Odd Fellows Rest
    by Crowbar
    Scattered Pieces Scattered Pieces