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  1. Ziggy Stardust: 50 Years Later
    by Pale Wizard Records
    Is it too soon to say I'm not only eagerly awaiting my pre-order, but the next instalment of the '50 Years Later' series also?
  2. Choose Your Character
    by Berry Good Records
    ConsciousThoughts - Superlovin' (Remix) ConsciousThoughts - Superlovin' (Remix)
    Happy launch day, Berry Good! This is such a stacked release. So pleased to have snagged one of the beautiful cassettes. <3
  3. The Solar Crypt
    by Grave Owl
    Grave Theme Grave Theme
    Lucio Fulci homages are popular in the synth-wave scene at the moment but The Solar Crypt does it far and away the best.
  4. Profound Morality
    by HERIOT
    Enter the Flesh Enter the Flesh
    With their unique blend of death metal, hardcore and sludge, I’m half-afraid HERIOT will melt the skin off my face.
  5. The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe
    by Ivan The Tolerable
    Roddie & Vincent Roddie & Vincent
    100% appreciate the fact Ivan wrote a whole album based on an obscure '70s pulp novel; a deliciously jazzy one at that.
  6. Dreams Of Fragmentation
    by Cailleach Calling
    Phosphenic Array Phosphenic Array
    The sound of Dreams of Fragmentation is the closest I think I'll get to being shot into space. It feels wonderfully limitless.
  7. Forget Your Own Face
    by Black Dresses
    Let's Be Let's Be
    This album rips. Devi and Rook's vocal chemistry is explosive and the beats are more dark and unhinged than ever. I love it.
  8. Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
    by Big Thief
    Spud Infinity Spud Infinity
    Every album Big Thief release is an AOTY contender but with this one especially everyone else should just head home. It's near perfect.
  9. Glitch Princess
    by yeule
    Perfect Blue Perfect Blue
    Dark and confessional whilst also playful and beautiful. It’s exciting to hear cyber-goth / industrial music being pushed to new heights.
  10. Saturnalia
    by Hawksmoor
    Devechan Devechan
    Saturnalia gives me major Blood-on-Satan's Claw vibes. It's serpentine, willowy and irrefutably mesmerising.
  11. Where Myth Becomes Memory
    by Rolo Tomassi
    Closer Closer
    Didn't think anything could top Rolo Tomassi's last outing but this record is spellbinding and nothing short of a triumph.
  12. W
    by Boris
    Drowning by Numbers Drowning by Numbers
    W embodies the concept of the sublime through alien sounds, haunted atmospheres and melodies like the smoke of incense.
  13. Bring Down The Flags
    by Mütterlein
    A Mass For It A Mass For It
    Bring Down the Flags is horrifying, suffocating and builds to something darkly rhapsodic. A showstopping album to end 2021 on.
  14. Eternal Home
    by Fire-Toolz
    [ Maternal ♥ Havening ] [ Maternal ♥ Havening ]
    Euphoric and dizzying - the perfect vaporwave/black metal/prog mashup and a killer concept album to boot!!!
  15. Fatigue
    by L'Rain
    Find It Find It
    Mixes the beatific and traumatic to create an ode to recovery, change and self-acceptance. A soulful exploration of the subconscious.
  16. Froggywave Vol. 1
    by Various Artists
    Valentine Valentine
    I'm gutted I missed out on a cassette! This is packed with excellent music and is an unrivalled joy. Congrats to all involved.
  17. Delta Estácio Blues
    by Juçara Marçal
    Delta Estácio Blues Delta Estácio Blues
    From the discordant and raucous to the sparklingly crystalline, this is a hugely playful, powerful and impassioned record.
  18. Killer: 50 Years Later
    by Various Artists
    Halo of Flies Halo of Flies
    Quality is off the charts; each band does a suitably filthy job and Pale Wizard have made some truly must-have merch. Hard to resist.
  19. Shock to the System
    by TOWER
    Metatron Metatron
    Can't praise this album enough. Tower are one of the most exciting metal bands around and Shock to the System is a demented delight.
  20. Madison
    by Sloppy Jane
    Jesus and Your Living Room Floor Jesus and Your Living Room Floor
    Madison is ethereal, theatrical and totally unique, blending orchestral pop and a '50s aesthetic. Listening to this is like holding a séance.