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  1. Feltre, Italy
  2. Experimental
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  1. Stumpfer Gegenstand
    by Grotto Terrazza
  2. Persistent Malaise
    by Cold Pumas
  3. Locus
    by Great Ytene
  4. Lab Coast
    by Lab Coast
  5. Double Bind
    by Trust Punks
  6. Mental Hoop
    by His Electro Blue Voice
  7. Strange Feeling
    by The Wound
  8. Pure As Fear
    by Qlowski
  9. The Other End of the World
    by Souvenir
  10. Aven
    by Bethan Kellough
    Canopy Canopy
  11. El Alphabiotista
    by Joliette
  12. Ripetizioni
    by Marcovaldo
    Semicerchi Semicerchi
  13. S/T
    by Heart Of Snake
  14. Pining For A Boy
    by The Submissives
  15. Act Of Tenderness
    by Cindy Lee
  16. Torbido
    by Holiday Inn
    No Speaking No Speaking
  17. S/T
    by SabaSaba
  18. Svegli Sempre (GSV#012)
    by MasciaTi
    Svegli sempre Svegli sempre
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. ERE
    by STORM{O}
    Porta dell'Attimo Porta dell'Attimo
  20. Small Pets And Kitchenettes
    by Video Duct
    Talk Like A Man Talk Like A Man
  21. Tropical Trash / Brutal Birthday split 7"
    by Maple Death Records
  22. Pale Fear / Coming Up Empty 7"
    by His Clancyness
  23. Tutto Quello Che Non Vi Dicono Sui Profughi
    by Aggettivo Sette
  24. Isolation Culture
    by His Clancyness
  25. Contravveleno
    by Havah
    Problemi Elementari Problemi Elementari
  26. When The Party's Over
    by Whitney K
  27. Ariadna (ариадна)
    by Kedr Livanskiy
    Your Name (имя твоё) Your Name (имя твоё)
  28. Ariadna (ариадна)
    by Kedr Livanskiy
    Za Oknom Vesna (за окном весна) Za Oknom Vesna (за окном весна)
  29. Broken Consonance
    by Geodetic
  30. A Personal Voyage
    by Blak Saagan
    Atterraggio su Enceladus Atterraggio su Enceladus
  31. Malenkost
    by Cindy Lee

  32. Ballad For Losers
    by Dead Horses
    The Liar The Liar
  33. Underrated Glances At The Edge Of Town
    by J.H. Guraj
  34. Ripetizioni
    by Marcovaldo
    Semicerchi Semicerchi
  35. Volume Uno
    by Stromboli
    by Maple Death Records
    Havah - Meno Di Metà Havah - Meno Di Metà
  37. Lune Spettrali
    by Jack Name
    Lowly Ants (live) Lowly Ants (live)
  38. Hallelujah! / Holiday Inn split 7"
    by Maple Death Records
  39. Tape Crash #14 Edible Woman - Tante Anna
    by old bicycle records
    Lotte - Tante Anna Lotte - Tante Anna
  40. Silently. Quietly. Going Away
    by Any Other
    To The Kino, Again To The Kino, Again
  41. Requiescat In Plavem
    by Krano
  42. Hallelujah!
    by Hallelujah!
    Space Space
  43. Goodnight
    by Whitney K
  44. EP
    by Qlowski
    Nothing Nothing
  45. Real Love Doesn't Have Past Tense
    by Vtgnike
    Gkbeats Gkbeats