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  1. Winter Wheat
    by John K. Samson
  2. Fade To Gold
    by When Particles Collide
  3. Animal Companionship
    by Advance Base
  4. This Always Happens
    by Minds Without A Face
  5. semiwestern
    by the vliets
  6. Contemplating the Mortality of Myself and Everyone I Love
    by Fractured Ignorance
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  7. R0771N9 0N 7H3 V1N3
    by The Hat Madder
  8. Uncomfortably Unsure (Full Length Album)
    by Pocket Vinyl
  9. In Search Of Lost Time
    by Partner
  10. Election Year
    by Howard Hello
    Vote Vote
    I've been a fan of Marty's band "Okay" for nearly a decade. So happy to have him back. This album is another classic.
  11. Perfect
    by Half Japanese
  12. Mountain Moves
    by Deerhoof
  13. Slowknife: A Study Of Fear
    by Gaffer Project
    A Little More A Little More
    Fantastic album. Uncomfortable in it's honesty in all the best ways. Love it.
  14. Boxelders
    by Boxelders
    Rusty Gate Rusty Gate
    Took forever to release, and it was well worth it. Fantastic album.
  15. Sewn
    by Hanging Hills
  16. We'll Show You Where the Monsters Are
    by Fable Cry
    Fancy Dancing Fancy Dancing
    Ultimately, they make pop songs. But they're presented through a nightmarishly beautiful veil that a corpse bride would be seen in. One of those sounds that shouldn't work, but does amazingly.
  17. Kind (2015)
    by andrew clotworthy
    Unremarkable Unremarkable
    A simple and beautiful collection of songs. The more I listen, the more the layers of this album present themselves.
  18. One Short Dream (2014)
    by The Uncle Steves
  19. Steadfast
    by Gaffer Project
  20. James Maple w/ Eric Lichter
    by James Maple and Eric Lichter
  21. The Wipeouts EP
    by The Revival Hour
    The Wipeouts The Wipeouts
    Great collection of alternates to see behind the curtain a little bit.
  22. American Dreams
    by James Maple
    Somebody Closer Somebody Closer
    Oddly, this album defined a time in my life when I was in South Korea. I'd listen to it every morning while making breakfast and it made me feel at home.
  23. Catastrophic Interference (2012)
    by The Uncle Steves
  24. The Sweet Room Single
    by Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent
  25. Crow/Dandelion e.p.
    by Boxelders
    Be Fine Be Fine
    This album is one of the best collections of music in the last decade. Honestly. It's charming, real, catchy, subtle, soft, and strong.
  26. Three Birds
    by Geology
  27. Dead From Dan's Mountain (2011)
    by The Uncle Steves
  28. No. 104
    by Endswell
    Solace Solace
    All is well with Endswell.
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  29. Better
    by Wrecks
    Righteousness Righteousness
    Don't know how to say it, but this album expresses something subtle that no other music does for me.
  30. Live From Dan's Basement (2010)
    by The Uncle Steves
    We Miss You Too, Baby We Miss You Too, Baby
    Great album back in 2010. Great album now.
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    by Sophie Madeleine
    Take Your Love With Me (The Ukulele Song) Take Your Love With Me (The Ukulele Song)
    Charming. Just plain charming. This whole album.