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    by Casey Golden
    Too many genres/influences to try and pigeon hole. Awesome groove trio album, with the synth as an equal voice to the bass and drums. Each track unique to next with excellent individual/group creativities amongst the overall piece. Excellent production and recording.
  2. States of Chaos
    by States of Chaos
    Awesome tunes
  3. Dancing Waters
    by Anoesis
    Excellent compositions, playing and recording!
  4. RAGE - EP
    by Monstress
    Awesome from start to finish.
  5. deregulated noise
    by nurosynk (Andrew Batt-Rawden & Miles Horler)
    Very creative and unexpected!
  6. Fools Rush In
    by Rebekka Neville
    Wonderful playing and well recorded.
  7. Live Dangerously
    by Theare
  8. 3
    by States of Chaos
    Awesome playing and other worldly music making. Uniquely recorded which gives a very different take on the piano trio sound.
  9. Vol. V: Addison & Friends
    by Prophets
    A wonderful glimpse into the imagination of some very clever and talented people.
  10. Solo Guitar Compositions
    by Ben Goodger
    This is a beautiful set of pieces which compliment each other harmoniously. The combination of imagination, virtuosity, genius and talent is quite extraordinary.
  11. Silver Lining
    by Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble
    Beautifully well recorded and strong compositional intent of theme and colour. Excellent performances by all involved! :)
  12. Lowlights
    by Spirograph Studies
    Very honest and subtle music, beautiful playing by a wonderful ensemble.
  13. Any News
    by Satoko Fujii / Alister Spence
    This is a wonderful display of expression through quantified connection. I can imagine the process would have been quite elaborate, though the actual music is very moving.
  14. Fika
    by Elysian Fields
    Jenny Erikkson is the hardest working musician in Sydney, on top of that she creates some of the most unique and recognizable music from this part of the world too.
  15. Meremba
    by Meremba
    Beautiful music by some amazing musical geniuses
  16. "Guluu" for Violin and Magpie
    by Keyna Wilkins
    Brilliant and unique composition, combing nature and music is genius and very broadening of what is possible.
  17. Setsuko
    by Brekky Boy
    Brilliant Album - unique, excellent musicianship and honest performance.
  18. EBMONO (Forgets)
    by George Sheridan
    George has made another banger. He should be known as George 'Banger' Sheridan. \m/
    by TRIPLEX
    Triplex are the bomb!
  20. 210722 Comme à la sphere
    by Maresuke
    Maresuke is an inspirational artist, his work is amazing.