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  2. Metal
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  1. Grievous
    by Convulsing
  2. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
    by Virulent Depravity
  3. Vermine
  4. Psalms to the Synthetic Divine
    by Where Deprivation Lies
  5. Mictlan
    by Kossuth
  6. Paroxysm
    by Deviant Process
  7. Depths of Decay
    by Rotting Obscene
  8. 埋葬
    by Ripped to Shreds
  9. Revenant
    by Inferi
  10. An Empty Frame
    by Soliloquium
  11. Eden Apocalypse
    by Tombthroat
  12. Sloth & Turtle
    by Sloth & Turtle
  13. Esoteric Malacology
    by Slugdge
    Limo Vincit Omnia Limo Vincit Omnia
    Truly masterful songwriting, awesome riff after awesome riff, and a lot of genres mixed perfectly. These guys have mastered metal. Praise Mollusca!
  14. Elements of Instability
    by Fuck You And Die
  15. Parasignosis
    by Mitochondrion
  16. Solar Cremation
    by The Hallowed Catharsis
  17. Amputheatre (Brutal Death/Grind)
    by GUTSLIT (Mumbai, India)
  18. Without Veil, Nor Self
    by Entheogen
  19. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
    This album (or discography) has it all. Filthy, blackened, sludgy death metal? Don't even know how to describe it, i'll just say it is a must buy.
  20. A Spectral Oblivion
    This Chastising Masquerade This Chastising Masquerade
    Unbelievably good, one of my favorite releases this year, i bought it blindfolded and do not regret it in the slightest.