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  1. In the Arms of the Sun
    by Vox Vocis
  2. Nearer My God
    by Foxing
  3. Little Girl and Lost Blossom
    by Crows in the rain
  4. You Are Dying In My Arms (the frozen last gasps)
    by Crows in the rain
  5. Shrine
    by Alaska
  6. Everything Is Fine
    by Alaska
  7. Chains For The Sea
    by Halocraft
    She speaks of stars She speaks of stars
  8. The City in your Eyes
    by Halocraft band
  9. Tasty Old Snacks
    by Cheeto's Magazine
  10. Boiling Fowls
    by Cheeto's Magazine
  11. Amazingous
    by Cheeto's Magazine
  12. Painter
    by BaK
    Us All Us All
  13. Flower
    by BaK
    Life & Perception Pt. 2: Through Blind Eyes Life & Perception Pt. 2: Through Blind Eyes
  14. Sloth & Turtle
    by Sloth & Turtle
    Telemachus Telemachus
  15. We Are Trees
    by The Last Sighs Of The Wind
  16. Dreaming of Sleep
    by Tetrafusion
    The Void The Void
  17. Goodbye Ally Airships
    by Lingua Nada
    David's Mathematical Anxiety David's Mathematical Anxiety
  18. Swan Gang
    by TANG
    Swan Gang Swan Gang
  19. De Lira Ire
    by Dûrga
    Stella Stella
  20. The Inveterate Fire
    by Firelink