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  1. The Great Sea Pictographer
    by ACTIONЯƎꟼ⅃AY & kiwii
  2. Sleep on cumulus wings / Dissolve
    by Prms
  3. blue twenty-four
    by Sam Mullany
  4. video parlor〈 古 い ビ デ オ テ ー プ 9 7 〉[ d e l u x e ]
    by QuantumWave
  5. The Seven Sisters and The Serpent (DATA082)
    by Dallas Campbell
    The Pleiades Hustle The Pleiades Hustle
    This is totally unique. Very synth. Very cool. The only issue I had was that the first song on the B side of the cassette was completely warped. I messaged the label about but I had no reply. On the plus side the cassette itself is beautiful.
  6. In Silico
    by Tronic DX7
    Aquatic A M B I E N Aquatic A M B I E N
    There's something about this music... Really magical stuff. Kinda reminds me of Miami Nights 1984
  7. Messier 87
    by The Last Ambient Hero
  8. Anthology
    by Sung
  9. Hacia La Luz
    by David Cordero
    Sevredol (The Sight Below Remix) Sevredol (The Sight Below Remix)
    Where do I even begin. There's such a varied mix of emotions and genres in this album. Some tracks haunt, some uplift, but above all else it touches you. The Sight Below remix of Sevredol is one of the most wonderfully subtle trance tracks I've ever heard.
  10. Supreme Degradation
    by Ossuary
    Man this is like 12 times heavier on cassette... So amazingly raw and gritty
  11. Panic
    by Destryur
  12. oDDling - Phosphenes (Limited Edition Cassette)
    by oDDling
    Specular Specular
    I've spent a lot of time looking for a perfect synthwave album where every single song is incredible, and this is it! It's so chill, I love it.
  13. Dyatlov
    by Sana Obruent
    The Departure The Departure
    It's unlike any other dark ambient album, and that's why it's so amazing. You can listen to this again and again and never get bored. The cassette is extremely high quality sound!
    Some heavy stuff. Turn on the bass booster on your cassette player and enjoy...
  15. Connect | Isolate (MP002)
    by Holon
    This Can Only End In Tears This Can Only End In Tears
    Really great stuff, I hope Holon releases more cassettes in the future!