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  1. Everything Is Made Of Stars
    by cavetown
  2. Let The Bad Times Roll
    by The Offspring
  3. The Way We Were
    by The Way We Were
  4. Apollo
    by The Lunar Laugh
  5. Help, I Need an Adult!
    by Sarchasm
    Pass the Remote Pass the Remote
  6. Ladyhawke - Wild Things
    by Ladyhawke
    by #secretthing
    Mr Big Man Mr Big Man
  8. No Man Covers
    by Accessory
  9. SPLIT (SYG-031)
    by Hot Mulligan & Everyone Leaves
  10. GLITCH
    by LukHash
  11. Listen
    by Liya
  12. Automaton (feat. Sebastian Svalland)
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  13. Use Your Voice
    by H2O
    Thick and Thin Thick and Thin
  14. January Jones
  15. Broadcasting To The Nations
    by Authority Zero
  16. Wax Wings Will Burn
    by SHIV-R
    Monster Monster
  17. Traitors
    by Illustrated
  18. Approaching Thunder
    by We The Heathens
    Crooked Kings Crooked Kings
  19. The Lost Art of Empathy
    by Voice Of Addiction
  20. Backwoods Man
    by Thomas Vent