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  1. Esoteric
    by Craz
  2. Swonkle
    by SubDocta
  3. Two Stones One Bird
    by Keota
  4. Floppi Disk
    by Spicy Bois
    by Caspa
  6. That Gas
    by Space Wizard & MeSo & SAGZ
  7. Unihemispheria
    by Sleep Terror
  8. The Demos 2004-2014
    by Sleep Terror
  9. El Insomne
    by Sleep Terror
  10. DeadLanguage
    by Mr. Bill, Esseks
  11. Lone Wolf EP
    by Laika Beats
  12. Pillar Point
    by Pillar Point
  13. Diamond Mine
    by Pillar Point
  14. Marble Mouth
    by Pillar Point
  15. Slapboxing
    by Ascent
  16. Frames Per Second
    by Lotus
  17. Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Water Activities
    by Post Animal
  18. Parasite 6 EP
    by Ternion Sound
  19. DUPLOC021 - Ternion Sound
    by Ternion Sound
  20. You're It!
    by Wookiefoot
  21. Be Fearless And Play
    by Wookiefoot
  22. Domesticated - The Story of Nothing and the Monkey
    by Wookiefoot
  23. Tower Of Babel Falls
    by Murphy's Empty Shot
  24. Make Belief
    by Wookiefoot
  25. Ready or Not
    by Wookiefoot
  26. Out of the Jar
    by Wookiefoot
  27. Activate
    by Wookiefoot
  28. The Halfs & The Half Nots
    by Murphy's Empty Shot
  29. Pleasure
    by Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
  30. Shapeshifter II: Outbreak
    by TAUK
  31. Death Don't Always Taste Good LP
    by Ivy Lab
  32. Rise of The Octopeel
    by Dirt Monkey
  33. Depth Perception
    by Subtronics
  34. West Coast Wobble
    by SubDocta
  35. Harvest
    by Of The Trees
  36. Spring Forever
    by Columbus
    by Ron Gallo
  38. Identity Crisis
    by WSTR
  39. Pop Music
    by Remo Drive
  40. In Spite Of Me
    by Like Pacific
  41. Out of Body
    by Mad Zach
  42. When I Get Home/Big Boy Smack
    by Post Animal
  43. When I Think Of You In A Castle
    by Post Animal
  44. Weight of the Word
    by Aqueous
  45. I'm Not Who I Want to Be
    by Almost Famous Friends