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  1. Indigo (EP)
    by Tony Anderson
  2. Aloof
    by Interlucid
    Ooo an instrumental! Me likey!
  3. Beyond The World We Know
    by Andy Blueman
  4. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
    Enter Enter
    4 days early!? HOT DOG.

    The Birthday Massacre is truly a one-of-a-kind gem. Consistently an incredible mash up of uplifting chirpy synths, growling bass, grungy guitar rifts, dynamic drum rhythms, and piercing vocals. Most importantly, NONE OF IT IS VULGAR. I can play this while driving with the windows down without feeling embarrassed!

    I don't know how they do it but I hope they don't stop! This album sure is evidence that they aren't stopping.
  5. "1984"
    by Ivan Torrent
  6. Amaranthyn (feat. Lara Ausensi)
    by Ivan Torrent
  7. Immortalys
    by Ivan Torrent
  8. Taiga
    by Kubbi
  9. Unlimited
    by Interlucid
  10. Superstition
    by The Birthday Massacre
  11. Under Your Spell
    by The Birthday Massacre
  12. Imagica
    by The Birthday Massacre
  13. Hide and Seek
    by The Birthday Massacre
  14. Night Terror
    by Le Louvre
  15. Altered State
  16. Twilight Delight LP
    by Astrocade
  17. Distance: Original Soundtrack (Vol. 1 & 2)
    by Jordan Hemenway
  18. Spacetime Miscalculation
    by Rom Di Prisco
    Gaia Gaia
    This is what I'm talking about! So hard to pick a favorite, but you can't beat that classic snare in Gaia. 6/9 songs have worked their way into my regular music rotation. Over 600 total play counts for this album so far.
  19. New Worlds
    by Hades of Spades
    Solar Flare Solar Flare
  20. Starlight
    by Sunset Neon