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  1. Napier, New Zealand
  2. Metal
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  1. Piggery
    by Piggery
  2. Piggery
    by Piggery
  3. Mortal Column
    by Distant Fear
  4. Scorn Of Creation
    by Scorn Of Creation
  5. Ocean of Emptiness
    by Superterrestrial
  6. Demo '18
    by Gosudar
  7. Mot Svinen
    by Filthgoat
  8. Festering Death (Demo)
    by Sculpted Horror
  9. Necrotheism Promo '18
  10. Demo 2018
    by Igor Mortis
  11. "Cerulean Salvation"
    by Tomb Mold
  12. "Cerulean Salvation"
    by Tomb Mold
  13. Demo I
    by FORCE FED
  14. Putrification into Absurdity
  15. Invocation
    by KATHGOR
  16. 埋葬
    by Ripped to Shreds
  17. Desekryptor / Draghkar (Split)
    by Desekryptor / Draghkar
  18. Morbid Ascendancy EP
    by Hollowed Idols
  19. Blurred Vision
    by Blight Night
    a totally random find, but a favourite already ... smacks of early vintage Kiss, totally recommend this band , looking forward to seeing what else is up your guys' sleeves!!
  20. 'Dead, but not beyond reach' (MC)
    by Strange facts in the scalpel case
  21. Grievous
    by Convulsing
  22. Where Wolves Once Dwelled Demo tape
  23. Gold And Rust
    by Engulf
  24. Come Ethereal Somberness
    by TAPHOS
  25. Eternal Throne
    by Plaguestorm
  26. Cist - The Frozen Casket
    by Metal Race
  27. Cist/Solstice
    by Cist
  28. Demo 2017
    by Exaltation
  29. Solar Mass - Pseudomorphosis
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  30. Shadow of the Sword
    by STALKER
  31. S/T
    by Hexhammer
  32. Demo
  33. Demon TAPE
  34. Fuck The Future
    by Dysteria
  35. Satanic Panic
    by STALKER
  36. A Scream From The Tomb Below
    by Witch Vomit