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  1. GliTTer OaSiS
    by CEL SHADE
  2. d e m o d i s c
    by VaporKitteh
  3. ディスコCity
    by v i r t u a l _ b o y
  4. heat.wav
    by Amherst
    Something About You Something About You
  5. Christmas Present
    by Strawberry Station
  6. Turkish Delight - Howcha Magowcha
    by Turkish Delight
  7. 彼女はLONELY GIRL - EP
    by ミカヅキBIGWAVE
    Idolstep 夢見 Idolstep 夢見
    Honestly, one of the most funky albums that I ever heard!
    The cassette is so beautiful, I can´t wait to have it in my hands!
  8. DreamCourse™
    by US Golf 95
    by HYPOLITA 雌犬
  10. Music For The Workplace
    by Office Hours
  11. Nostalgia FM
    by default.cfg
  12. Kingdom Hearts
    by Cinnamon Soup
  13. 𝓞𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓮𝓼
  14. Summer Hits Vol. 2
    by Vercetti
  15. 夜韻 Night Tempo
    by Night Tempo
    Digital Shower Digital Shower
    Night Tempo did it again, like every time!
    Totally a banger!
  16. Dark
    by Dallas Raines
  17. 128 State
    by Strawberry Station
  18. Blind Date | Rose Quartz
    by Luxury Elite
    socially socially
    Two great albums in one magnificent cassette.
  19. Blue Crush
    by Malibu mode7
  20. spook
    by m a l i b l u e : (
  21. To you baby, with love [Outtakes]
    fan club exclusive
  22. HighFidelity
    by ~AcquiredTaste
    by Z.E.R.O
  24. Live @ 100% ElectroniCON
    by Nmesh
  25. Hit Vibes
    Cherry Pepsi Cherry Pepsi
    Do I really have to say how great this album is?
  26. The Anthem of Aces
  27. Online Dating
    by Vercetti
  28. Plaza Holográfica
    by power_lunch corporation
  29. Vice EP
    by Vercetti
  30. 音楽の薬 (Music Medicine)
    by Mr. Wax
  31. 赤い唇
    by ミスト M Y S T
  32. Polygonic
    by bootlegbby
  33. Winner's Circle
    Mallsoft + Vaporwave = Banger
    An album that can't be missing in any vaporwave collection!
  34. I Can't Believe It's Not Fabio!
    by Azuresands大麻
  35. bitter
    by dropbassline.
  36. Flight School
    by Matt Mathers
  37. afterhours
    by penthouse suite
  38. Cupcake
    by M A R Iマリくん
    All The Things You Don't Believe (w/ ΛDRIΛNWΛVE) All The Things You Don't Believe (w/ ΛDRIΛNWΛVE)
  39. 「𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐄𝐑 ロマンス」
    by 「𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐒𝐄𝐓𝟖𝟓 グループ」
  40. ネオン // Neon Party! 🌙
    by ネオンAnnelie!
    Party Night Party Night
  41. Ultima Flux
    by Ahero
    Caller ID Caller ID
  42. Archive Collection Vol.1
    ネプチューン 1 9 8 9 ネプチューン 1 9 8 9
  43. PokéWave
    by Neon95
    Kasumi カスミ Kasumi カスミ
    This is what I wanted! Pokémon & Vaporwave, I love it!!!
  44. B O G U S // COLLECTIVE - Volume 3
    by V/A
  45. The Sweetest Dream
    by Desired
    Love Is Gone (Feat. 悲しい Android - Apartment) Love Is Gone (Feat. 悲しい Android - Apartment)
    I don't know what it is, but, Desired makes me feel very good listening to his music.
    One of my favorite Future Funk albums!