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  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. the soul chops.
    by Theory Hazit
  2. Poor Thing
    by Theory Hazit
  3. FEELS
    by Theory Hazit
  4. It's Not You, It's Me.
    by Theory Hazit
    by Theory Hazit
  6. Layers
    by Imperial
  7. Intuition in the Keys
    by Terem
  8. Mazel Tov Cocktail
    by Beat Rabbi
  9. Sweet Jesus
    by James Gardin
  10. Journey
    by Tee-Wyla
  11. Soft Continuum
    by Metavari
    Swell (Shimmer Marina) Swell (Shimmer Marina)
  12. Christmas Time Is Here (N & S America Edition)
    by Khruangbin
  13. Stella
    by Super Unison
  14. Snooze Button V (Deluxe Edition)
    by Armond WakeUp
  15. Twos
    by PRO TEENS
    Mona 2 Mona 2
  16. A Different Crown
    by Rel McCoy
    Feels Like Limbo Feels Like Limbo
  17. Troupeau Bleu
    by Cortex
    Troupeau Bleu Troupeau Bleu
  18. The Unfolding
    by Timothy Brindle
    by Slaves BC
  20. 300 Dead Rapist Priests Floating at the Bottom of the Ocean
    by Slaves BC
  21. Least of These
    by Slaves BC
  22. Curious Thing b/w Primitive
    by Damien Done
    Curious Thing Curious Thing
  23. Be One of Us and Hear No Noise
    by Metavari
  24. Be One of Us and Hear No Noise
    by Metavari
    Kings Die Like Other Men Kings Die Like Other Men
  25. Death, Cranked / Garbage Island
    by PRO TEENS
    Garbage Island Garbage Island
  26. Until It All Makes Sense
    by James Gardin
    Let Me Down Let Me Down
  27. Dropping Gems EP
    by Ohmega Watts
    Rubies Rubies
  28. How Much Darker b/w Street Smarts
    by Metavari & Makeup And Vanity Set
    How Much Darker How Much Darker
  29. II
    by Our Lady
  30. Coffin Problem / Glassfield Split
    by Coffin Problem / Glassfield
  31. Auto
    by Super Unison
  32. I Will Always Want to Let Go
    by Problem Of Pain
  33. Adventures in Technicolour
    by Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K
    The Great Indoors The Great Indoors
  34. Lord Fire 2
    by Theory Hazit
    1982 1982
  35. Name Dropping
    by Sebastian Hochstein
    Flowers (feat. Sadat X, Jurny Big & DJ Kair One) Flowers (feat. Sadat X, Jurny Big & DJ Kair One)
  36. aBle
    by Peace 586
  37. Middle Class Broadcast
    by Ajax Starglider
    Sandcastles Sandcastles
  38. Each Sold Separately
    by J. Rhodan
  39. Love*
    by Wes Pendleton
  40. Modern Marvels
    by Theory Hazit & Toni Shift
    We Are The Ones feat. DJ Aslan We Are The Ones feat. DJ Aslan
  41. Group Therapy
    by Sivion
    Real Talk (feat. muzeONE, Jurny Big & DJ Sean P) Real Talk (feat. muzeONE, Jurny Big & DJ Sean P)
  42. Merciless EP
    by JustMe & Sintax the Terrific
    Rough Crossing Rough Crossing
  43. heAr
    by Peace 586
  44. Vignettes
    by Damu The Fudgemunk
    Solitary Refinement Solitary Refinement
    A Classic.
  45. Even If I Lose
    by Armond WakeUp
    So Help Me God So Help Me God