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  1. Haunted Memory Bank
    by Rom Di Prisco
    Awesome track, for me his best since long! This is Rom Di Prisco on form!

    Driving, twisting, chewing, mysterious, cosmic, slightly funky, but at the same time serious and powerful. There's no other like Rom, Electronic music from another world.

    This sound is something special, hard to describe. I first got this feeling, when I was listening to his old NFS soundtracks, back in the day. It doesn't sound Human, it doesn't feel Human, this sounds and feels like... Discovering a new world
  2. Sail
    by Madis
  3. Siren's Symphony (with Kyrah Aylin)
    by Madis
    My gf watched the music video,
    saw his name in the description,
    and made BIG eyes :D

    Well, the music justifies his name!!

    Will be definitely supporting on my social media, this stuff is top flight.

  4. Maya
    by Rom Di Prisco
  5. Trinity
    by NeuroWulf
  6. Exit Earth
    by Vanderson
  7. Hometown EP
    by Madis
  8. We can fly
    by Bellatrix-music
  9. Izometriik 2.5
    by Rom Di Prisco
  10. Sea of Tranquility (Ambient Edit)
    by Madis
    Makes me feel a Space beyond the Earth vibe!

    No 'cheap' remixes here, these are possibly even more amazing than the original album!

    What an awesome producer, going to be enjoying this for the rest of my life!
  11. Sea of Tranquility
    by Madis
    Sea of Tranquility part 3 Sea of Tranquility part 3
    Make sure to listen to this album from beginning to end, it's a wonderful journey
    (continuous mix gives the best experience).
    It really is stunning!

    Definitely highlight of the year in EL music scene!!

    Ordered the CD version:)