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  1. SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed
    by Materia Community
  2. Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed
    by Theophany
  3. Out of Body
  4. Current Events
    by Mitch Murder
    Inner City Chronicles Inner City Chronicles
    A great synthy album with some amazing samples.
  5. The Construct
    by D/A/D
    Love Will Make You Stay (with USA Gold and Sharaya Mikael) Love Will Make You Stay (with USA Gold and Sharaya Mikael)
    I've listened to Love Will Make You Stay on repeat what an amazing track on an amazing album.
  6. Burning Chrome
    by Mitch Murder
    Midnight Mall Midnight Mall
    This sounds like a Sega racing soundtrack, it makes me nostalgic and happy.
  7. Skull and Shark
    by Lazerhawk
    Massacre Massacre
    This album is dark and gritty,it has a great thump and rhythm to keep me going
  8. Kriminell (EP)
    by Doktor Plekter
    Kriminell Kriminell
    I have been listening to Kriminell on repeat for the past month I LOVE it so much
  9. Redline
    by Lazerhawk
    Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal
    One of my fave albums here, a style that goes hard. Not a bad song on this album.
  10. Haunted Chinese Restaurant
    by Shag & Wild Bill
    Klassik ft. Slim Gravy Klassik ft. Slim Gravy
    Shag is one of my favourite artists, and this combo album blows me out of the water. The raps are amazing over Shag's smooth beats.
  11. Dragonball Wave
    by maitro
    One Wish has been one of my go to lofi tunes over the years. This entire album is amazing.
  12. How Lucky
    by RISONAM
    SBIS (Spring Break in Seattle) SBIS (Spring Break in Seattle)
    This album is a great one for getting through the working day, it;s has such an incredible rhythmic feel to it.
  13. Jutsu EP
    by MACROSS 82-99
    術Even After Dark 術Even After Dark
    This is such a fun album!
  14. drfts.
    by Starchildluke
    cassiusclay_08 cassiusclay_08
    There are some cool samples here and makes for a really nice listening.
    by Starchildluke
    Before You Wake Before You Wake
    Hearing so much Gengar made me happy.
  16. FL96
    by Starchildluke
    The intro to this with SMW makes me feel good.
  17. Little L (st/rr Dirty Disco Remix)
    by Starchildluke
    A fun remix <3
  18. Boas Festas
    by Starchildluke
    Gefilte Fish Gefilte Fish
    Filtered Fish
  19. Space Harrier
    by Starchildluke
    Curly Wurly Curly Wurly
    I am listening to this and just chilling out, it's nice.
  20. obrigado, rio
    by Starchildluke
    This makes me relaxed.
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