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  1. Epoch
    by Tycho
  2. Icarus / Reaching Dawn
    by Fred V
  3. Unreleased Works Vol.5 (Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Ken Ishii
  4. Unreleased Works Vol.6 (Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Ken Ishii
  5. Unreleased Works Vol.7 (Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Ken Ishii
  6. Empty Bottles
    by Grafix x Degs
  7. Last Night Of An Empire
    by Imogen Heap
  8. Jaime (feat. Jaime Brooks)
    by Anamanaguchi
    This one grows on you. The innocent start rockets off into a LUDICROUSLY catchy chorus that just won't stop.
  9. Stay Home
    by Anamanaguchi
    The title might be propaganda, but you should never judge a track based on its title. A more aggressive, post-rock Gameboy fusion than the cheerier Summer Single tracks. A lot of teasing before the glorious ~2010ish 'guchi guitars take you... home.
  10. The Other Side Of Memories
    by Shin-Ski
    Field Field
    These are the *B* sides!? Field is extremely good and worth the price of admission for it alone. Such a smooth, lovely song. Love the jazz guitar.
  11. Apeldoorn Jamming / Atmosphere
    by Fred V
    Atmosphere Atmosphere
    The change in scenery has resulted in an audibly happier Fred. Glad to hear things are going well in Holland, because the world can certainly use more songs like this. :)
  12. Zephyr
    by Grafix (feat. Ruth Royall)
  13. Onyx
    by Grafix featuring Chrissie Huntley
  14. Unreleased Works Vol.4 (Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Ken Ishii
  15. Pixel Candle
    by Anamanaguchi
  16. Unreleased Works Vol.3 (Bandcamp Exclusive)
    by Ken Ishii
    Disappear Disappear
    It's hard to explain how perfect Disappear is. This is peak Ishii. Perfectly polished production, irresistible hooks begging for just one more listen, layers of complexity swirling to create his iconic atmosphere... The years of work that went into that single song are blatantly obvious. Highly, highly recommended.
  17. Slip One
    by Two Fingers vs. Only Child Tyrant
  18. The World As We Know It
    by Figueroa
  19. Harvest
    by she
  20. Everyday, Everynight
    by Anamanaguchi
    Stunning. Anamanaguchi meets Cornelius. The stutter-edited beginning and fusion of warm organic textures with shimmering electronic bleeps puts me in a Keigo mood--in the best possible sense. Highly, highly recommended.