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  1. Echoes of Mercy EP
    by Seprevation
  2. Ritual Abuse EP
    by Seprevation
  3. Consumed
    by Seprevation
  4. Into The Black
    by Seprevation
  5. Nine Circles
    by Nether
  6. Supreme Carnage - Sentenced By The Cross
    by Supreme Carnage
  7. Beyond The Shadows
    by Atra Mors/Torver
  8. Malphas (EP)
    by Malphas
  9. Morning Star Resplendent
    by Malphas
  10. SWARN - Black Flame Order
    by SWARN
  11. Back To The Cult
  12. PYRE "Human Hecatomb"
    by Pyre
  13. YURODIVIYE s/t
    by Юродивые
  14. CIST "The Frozen Casket"
    by Cist
  15. Ghoul Call
  16. Hostis
    by Hostis
  17. Dying sunset
    by Messiah in the abyss
  18. To The Mountains Of A Thousand Axes
    by Unguth Vaentron
  19. The Lair Of Warlords
    by Unguth Vaentron
  20. Tomb Of The Ancient Northking
    by Unguth Vaentron
  21. Spellbook
    by Haiduk
  22. Exomancer
    by Haiduk
  23. Demonicon
    by Haiduk
    Azyr Azyr
    Haiduk is one of the most impressive (one man) band I came upon in ages. And one of the most unique blizzard of riffs too.
    So far, Demonicon might be their best offering. It is so original and mesmerizing it must have been composed by demons from another dimension themselves!
    As always the tunes are kept concise for maximum impact.

    This one will melt your face!
    Listen to Azyr and buy the album!
  24. Innersorrow
    by Wintaar
  25. Draktämjaren
    by Gnolder
  26. Gislaved
    by Gnolder
    Shoreline of Kadarfsus Shoreline of Kadarfsus
    Great release!
    Slightly different than the two previous offerings. Sounds like a good mix of early Glittertind, Storm and Isengard ! Good stuff!
  27. Old Gate of Moria
    by Gnolder
  28. Ravenquest Through Grimeldorf
    by Gnolder
  29. A Most Certain Death
    by ✠ Lord Einsamkeit ✠
  30. Steel Bearing Hand
    by Steel Bearing Hand
    Kneel before the Steel Kneel before the Steel
    This album will smash your cranium! From start to finish, riff after riff this is a banger!
    Imagine Bolt Thrower taking a double injection of thrash, or a tank passing over your body at full speed!
    Balls out old school death thrash! What else do you need to know???
  31. True Paradise
    by Nordligblast
  32. Light That Is Called Darkness
    by Nordligblast
  33. Dísablót
    by PhosphorusXV/Panzerwar
  34. Corruptu Sanguis: As I Enter My Shadowed Coffin
    by Phosphorus
  35. From the Shadow Lands
    by Ancient Gate
    Arrival of the void Arrival of the void
    Excellent and promising debut!
    Songwriting skill of the highest order, I'm impressed!
    Killer homage to the second wave BM legends. If you like BM you like this. simple.

    And the split with Wintaar is awesome too !
  36. Expectation of Eternal Torment
    by Wampyric Bloodlust
  37. Winter Anthems
    by Wampyric Bloodlust
  38. Tomb For Solar Light
    by Wampyric Bloodlust
  39. Desolate Lands
    by Wampyric Bloodlust
  40. Evermore
    by Wampyric Bloodlust
  41. Reborn
    by Wampyric Bloodlust
  42. The Occult - Necropolis [Label Edition]
    by The Occult
  43. Morbid Gates Of Winter (split with Ancient Gate)
    by Wintaar
    We Fall Into Night We Fall Into Night
    Another excellent release by Wintaar !
    Ancient Gate sounds like a hidden gem from the 90s, with some really great riffs. And again I love the killer garage sound of Wintaar. THIS is atmospheric black metal that never lose its edge! Agressive, piercing and relentless!
    Can't wait for the next album!
  44. Impaired Purity
    by Rooforest
  45. Rehearsal (22.06.19)
    by Rooforest