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  1. Curta'n Wall - Terr'ble Death
    by Curta'n Wall
  2. Svarunistična protikultura
    by Yezdin
  3. Open Graves at Midnight
    by Dracula
  4. Black Wings Over Transylvania
    by Dracula
  5. Old Nick - Flying Ointment
    by Old Nick
  6. OLD NICK - Curse Of The Lock Master / Witch Of The Northern Vill
    by OLD NICK
  7. Spiritual Supremacy
    by Saint Bradshaw
  8. Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge
    by The Wizar'd
  9. Nachtmeerfahrt (Für John Balance)
    by Allerseelen
  10. Mage
    by Megaton Leviathan
  11. Black Goat Of The Woods
    by Black Mountain Transmitter
  12. Possessor
    by Gost
  13. The Vril Harmonies (2017)
    by Steven Severin
  14. Non Paradisi (Secret Arcana)
    by Gost
  15. Christine - Death on Wheels Part II (Gost remix)
    by Gost
  16. The Night Prowler
    by Gost
  17. Radio Macabre
    by Gost
  18. S/T
    by Gost
  19. Skull
    by Gost
  20. Driller Killer - From out of Nowhere (Gost - cover)
    by Gost