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  1. Anybody Out There?
    by Sadler Vaden
  2. Becoming
    by Shubh Saran
  3. No One Knows What The Dead Think
    by No One Knows What The Dead Think
  4. Bigger Than Life
    by Black Marble
  5. The Longest Journey Yet
    by Hidden Mothers
  6. Democratic Warfare
    by The Brood
  7. Unloved
    by Frontierer
  8. Don't Tread On We!
    by The 1865
  9. Annihilated
    by Sectioned
  10. Fast Forward
    by Miss Eaves
  11. Thunder Thighs
    by Miss Eaves
  12. Black Valley
    by Miss Eaves
  13. Santa Please
    by Miss Eaves
  14. Feminasty
    by Miss Eaves
  15. ME AF
    by Miss Eaves
  16. To the Sunset
    by Amanda Shires
  17. The World's Best American Band
  18. Where Owls Know My Name
    by Rivers of Nihil
  19. yeah whatever
    by Owane
  20. Teeth Dreams
    by The Hold Steady
  21. Sidelong
    by Sarah Shook & the Disarmers
  22. Everybody Works
    by Jay Som
  23. Helioforms
  24. SECT
    by SECT
  25. Complicated Game
    by James McMurtry
  26. Scourge
    by Okus
  27. Feather Bed [EP]
    by Jakub Zytecki
  28. Anhedonia
    by Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors
  29. The Money Pit
    by The Money Pit
  30. If There Is A God That Is Judging Me Constantly
    by Up River
  31. Dunno
    by Owane
  32. Demand Auto + 3 Demo
    by Miami Nice
  33. TABPxDSME - The World Is A Colder Place Now
    by Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors
  34. While They Were Sleeping
    by Candiria
  35. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
  36. Other Slices
    by Slice The Cake
  37. Odyssey to the Gallows
    by Slice The Cake
  38. Stone and Silver Part I - The Mountains of Man (Single)
    by Slice The Cake
  39. The Exile Part II - The City of Destruction (Single)
    by Slice The Cake
  40. Odyssey to the West
    by Slice The Cake
  41. The Man With No Face
    by Slice The Cake
  42. Cleansed
    by Slice The Cake
  43. Every Piece Matters
    by Plini
  44. Greatest Hits (EP)
    by Owane
  45. The Book of Suffering- Tome 1
    by Cryptopsy