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  1. Human Alienation
    by A Borrowing Kid Generation
  2. Santa Águeda
    by Viaje a 800
  3. Realismo Histérico
    by Habitar La Mar
  4. Año II
    by Spinda Records
  5. When The Water Smells Of Sweat
    by The Dry Mouths
  6. Overthrown
    by Surya
  7. Ladrido De Corzo
    by Sekba
  8. Out Of Nowhere
    by Fuzz Forward
  9. Scarlet
    by Rosy Finch
  10. Agua.Naufragio.Equilibrio
    by Catorce
  11. Living In Death
    by Dirty Army
  12. Oreka Ahula
    by Mocker's
  13. Memories From Pines Bridge
    by The Dry Mouths
  14. Fuente Vieja
    by Bourbon
  15. Año I
    by Spinda Records
  16. Never Seen The Devil
    by Electric Belt
  17. Gyoza
    by Gyoza
  18. Diablo Roto Dë...
    by Viaje a 800
  19. The Trial
    by Electric Riders
  20. Ugatz
    by Ugatz
  21. Lo-Fi Sounds For Hi-Fi People
    by The Dry Mouths
  22. Arcadia
    by Catorce
  23. Atlantis
    by Saturna
  24. Akmé
    by Sageness
  25. Slowgod II
    by Grajo
  26. Ellis
    by Doctor Sax
  27. Spinguölf
    by RIP KC
  28. Dust, Hunger & Gloom
    by Wet Cactus
  29. I
    by Híbrido
  30. Moura
    by MOURA
  31. Comedia Yoica
    by Habitar La Mar
  32. Devastación
    by Bourbon
  33. Estampida de Trombones
    by Viaje a 800
  34. Live on Earth
    by Sergeant Thunderhoof
  35. High Quest
    by Bloody Crom
  36. Zwerk
    by Hootie the Sailor
  37. Vampyric Odinism
    by Elegiac
  38. VANITY
    by Kid Mania
  39. Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead
    by Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead
  40. Off The Leash
    by Leash
  41. Utopian Hymns
    by Black Electric
  42. Proof of Concept
    by Gramma Vedetta
  43. Let Us In
    by Enbilulugugal
  44. I Am In Hell, Help Me
    by Static Goat
  45. The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh
    by Enbilulugugal