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  1. Trust in Rock
    by "Blue" Gene Tyranny and Peter Gordon
  2. One Man Posse
    by Mark Freedman
  3. Lost Tribe
    by Powerman
  4. Formula Abstracta (MR-088)
    by Filippo Diana
  5. Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1 – A Collection of Rare Singles, Etc. (MR-028)
    by Various Artists
  6. Young Team (Deluxe Edition) - Digital Album
    by Mogwai
  7. Anthology - 24 Bit DeLuxe Edition
    by Les Hommes Sauvages
  8. Lupe Luep Peul Epul
    by MIKI YUI
  9. False Starts II: Éliane Radigue and Carol Robinson
    by Éliane Radigue, Carol Robinson
  10. we grow in a gleam
    by r beny
  11. Hinterhof
    by Judith Hamann
  12. It’s Not a Skill, it’s a Curse
    by Theodore Cale Schafer
  13. Harkening Etudes
    by Angel Bat Dawid
  14. The Man from S.A.D
    by Sad Man
  15. Angel
    by Kevin
  16. Imagine Something Yesterday
    by The Pathfinders
  17. Workpoints
    by Graham Collier
  18. 🎎
    by ⦓🍊⦔ タンジェリン
  19. San Francisco Moog: 1968-72
    by Doug McKechnie
  20. How To Breathe Like A Stone
    by Andrew Heath & Anne Chris Bakker