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  1. Laura (Bat for Lashes cover)
    by Amanda Palmer and Brendan Maclean
  2. Who Killed Amanda Palmer
    by Amanda Palmer
    Ampersand Ampersand
    I just bought this as a part of my goal of obtaining every song Amanda Palmer has ever written before I turn 21 and therefor feel I must be a bit more responsible with my money and act like an adult. That being said, I love this song because it reminds me that I may be able to push that deadline of boring mediocrity back just a bit longer and go heard sheep in Iceland or actually get around to putting something I made out into the world instead of just hiding it in my infinite journals.
  3. Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman - “Democracy” (Leonard Cohen)
    by Amanda Palmer
  4. An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer
    by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer
    Gaga, Palmer, Madonna; A Polemic Gaga, Palmer, Madonna; A Polemic
    This album feels like what I'd imagine the people in charge of listening to everyone's phone calls in case somebody is being naughty look forward to after a long day of boring shouting matches about who needs to go pick up Jimmy from soccer practice and who needs to hang up first. This song however, reminds me of my days at RiotGrrl Bootcamp as I always called it, and I find that its good for banishing fear.
  5. Who Killed Amanda Palmer [Alternate Tracks]
    by Amanda Palmer
  6. Nighty Night
    by 8in8
    Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla
    Just the right mix of geeky and emotional and sardonic. I'm really starting to believe that every member of this, the only supergroup I'll really ever need in my life can do no wrong. I'm just glad I'm not the only one with a bit of a crush on Nicola Tesla...
  7. Dear Daily Mail (Live) [OFFICIAL BOOTLEG]
    by Amanda Palmer
    I spent way too much time trying to find this song before I realized it was likely on here. Now that I've finally got my grubby little mitts on it, I find it hard to not use it to punctuate every single conversation I have with little bits of snarky quips about sexist powers that be and their awful opinions, or even just little references to "the rare British sun", and I'm sure my love of it is... hardly exclusive