This is Jesse’s music collection on Bandcamp.


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  2. A Journey Through The Dark
    by Dungeons of Irithyll
  3. NIBELUNG "Faces In The Mountain"
    by Nibelung
  4. Sovereignless Souls
    by Nameless King
  5. Disciple of the Dark Sun
    by Nameless King
  6. Traversing the Ageless Fog
    by Nameless King
  7. National Park Girls OST
    by Sarah Mancuso
  8. Heart of the Woods OST: Snowfall
    by Sarah Mancuso
  9. Sol Hemochroma OST: Piaculum Arcana
    by Sarah Mancuso
  10. Transmission Control: Music from Subserial Network
    by Esselfortium
  11. Mroczna Komnata
    by Svarograd
  12. I
    by Vintr
  13. Misterium Tremendum
    by Plastic Populus
  14. Daulu Bûrz-Ishi
    by Lord Lovidicus
  15. Wandering Far
    by Sequestered Keep
  16. Enchantments of Yore (Compilation)
    by Oldenhelm
  17. I
    by Fief
  18. II
    by Fief
  19. Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok
    by Sassafrass
  20. Dawson’s Christian
    by Vixy & Tony