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Edwin Gilbert

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  1. A Serpent’s Tooth: the King Lear Musical
    by Are We Delicious? A Serpent’s Tooth ensemble
  2. UnSeelie Self
    by Alexander James Adams
  3. First Time Ever: Songs From A Memoir (Double CD)
    by Peggy Seeger
  4. We Are Who We Are
    by Vixy & Tony
  5. In Concert: Sasquan 2015
    by Tom Smith
  6. In Concert: PenguiCon 2016
    by Tom Smith
  7. Kid Safe
    by Tom Smith
  8. Everafter
    by Heather Alexander
  9. In Concert: ConGlomeration 2015
    by Tom Smith
  10. Stolen Season (unmastered digital release)
    by S. J. Tucker
  11. In Concert: ChessieCon 2014
    by Tom Smith
  12. Filk and Cookies
    by Vanessa Cardui
  13. Mythcreants
    by Tricky Pixie
  14. AJA Summer Releases
    by Alexander James Adams
  15. TomBoot (TomBoat Pre-Order)
    by Tom Smith and ToyBoat
  16. Live At ConTata 2011
    by Tom Smith
  17. Plugged
    by Tom Smith
  18. Live at Ba-Con 2011
    by Tom Smith
  19. Ends 'n' Odds
    by Tom Smith