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Kathryn Sedgwick

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  1. Pay Attention
    by Brian Woodbury & His Popular Music Group
    Pay Attention Pay Attention
  2. Angels in the Street
    by Heather Eatman
    What to tell the artist -- that she has a unique lyric sensibility capable of conveying sadness and humor in the same line, and the ability to marry it with wonderfully original music? That her two recent singles (after a long layoff) are pure gold and show her evolving in interesting new directions? That the overlooked 2001 "Real" is my favorite record of 2015? Hard to say.
  3. Soul Highway
    by Heather Eatman
  4. Real
    by Heather Eatman
    Mine Mine
  5. Candy & Dirt
    by Heather Eatman
    Some Girls Some Girls

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  1. music inspired by the color of pomegranates
    by aram bajakian