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Ed Muirhead

  1. Dundee, UK
  2. Folk
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  1. MASS
  2. Everybody Dance - singalongabulky
    by Bulky Uplift
  3. Voices In The Void
    by The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel
    Panic At The Tesco Panic At The Tesco
    love it!
  4. Sometimes I Forget That I'm Not The Only Person In The World
    by Wiredrawn
  5. Lovely Molly
    by Gillian Frame
  6. Kereru - Benefit Compilation
    by Struggletown Records
  7. Desert Overcrowded
    by Tuber
  8. Wrack Lines
    by Jo Mango & Friends
  9. Swells/Repels
    by Stonethrower
  10. Uptown Funk
    by The JMU Overtones
    by Various Artists
  12. Bluestown EP
    by Rag'N'Bone Man
  13. The Witch House
    by The Creeping Ivies
  14. My Electric Heart
    by Michael Cassidy
    15 years 15 years
    i love 15 years :)
  15. Everyday Struggle Vol. IV
    by Struggletown Records
    Matters (of the Heart & Mind) Matters (of the Heart & Mind)
  16. Make Yer Ane Comp V
    by Various Artists
    My Disguise Is Better Than Yours My Disguise Is Better Than Yours
  17. Optimistic Sound EP
    by The Hazey Janes
  18. 'A Good Way To Bury Bad News'
    by Mark McCabe
    Doubts Doubts
  19. Time Will Tell
    by Robot Doctors
  20. You
    by Sarah Banjo
    Fun Fun
    lovely stuff, catch Sarah playing live if you can!
  21. The Day I Learned To Look Up
    by Kieran McRobben
    appears in 1 other collection
  22. Breathe
    by Call To Mind
  23. One Hundred Percent Suave
    by Fat Goth
  24. Very Little Gravitas Indeed
    by Opus Fluke
  25. Blood and Time
    by Matt Midgley
  26. Darling Darkness
    by Beerjacket
  27. The Day You Die
    by Arms Against
  28. When We Lived in the Crook of a Tree
    by Jo Mango
  29. The ghost of Nick Drake E.P.
    by Michael Rattray
  30. Memories
    by John Dunleavey
    Going Home Going Home
  31. Working for the Man
    by Man's Ruin
  32. Cheen
    by DANTE
  33. A Searing Analysis of Pretty Much Everything
    by Little Anchors
  34. To Places
    by Fraser Ross
    Sweet Kisses/Silver Flowers Sweet Kisses/Silver Flowers
    seen fraser play live, genius :)
  35. 3 Folk Songs
    by Taylor Brown
    Wash It Down (with a Little Whiskey) Wash It Down (with a Little Whiskey)
  36. The Tidal Wave of Indifference Sessions
    by Indifference Records
  37. I Taught You How To Dance
    by Darren Hayman
  38. Intention Ten Folds To Tension
    by Spencer Segelov
    quirky, fun, whatever happened to them?
  39. Climb/Don't Want To Hear It
    by New Town Triptych
    Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. Endor
    by Endor
    St. Michael's Bells St. Michael's Bells
  41. The Getaway
    by Kevin Thomson
    appears in 1 other collection