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  1. Psithurism
    by Michael Woodman
  2. Meat Mallet
    by A Formal Horse
  3. I'm A Lasagne
    by A Formal Horse
  4. Pete Jones Plays Genesis - Selling England For A Pound (Charity Release)
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  5. Homeless
    by Anubis
  6. Distant Thunder
    by Habu
  7. An Alternative Arrive Alive
    by Pallas
  8. Here Comes A Man From The Council With A Flamethrower
    by A Formal Horse
  9. Electricity
    by Thumpermonkey
  10. Infinite
    by Habu
  11. Morning Jigsaw
    by A Formal Horse
    The King The King
    This is music from another universe. Someone opened a wormhole and A Formal Horse came through. The human race is insufficiently evolved to fully appreciate this album.

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  1. Space8
    by A Formal Horse
  2. Made In Chelsea (Apocalypse in 15/8)
    by A Formal Horse
  3. Morning Jigsaw
    by A Formal Horse