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Edison McBain

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  1. Continents Apart
    by Escape From Echo Base
    Two If By Sea Two If By Sea
    I only had found about these guys a few months before The Afterimage released their first studio album and boy, I was hooked instantly. This first studio release from EFEB is incredibly powerful and insane, it's a strong release and I have found it hard to find a song I dislike, on top of the hundreds of times I have listened to this album. Definitely worth the buy if you like the scene of this music or just love music in general.
  2. Formless EP
    by The Afterimage
    Reverie Reverie
    Such passion in this song, and this whole album in general but holy crap this song is divine. Such a great track and a classic EP, on top of everything else the vocals are raw as fuck. Killer EP that will never be forgotten.
  3. The Seeking
    by The Afterimage
    This is one of those masterpieces that you just wonder how it even was created or even exists, yet alone performed on this plane... The divine emotional riffs paired with the most technical math riffs ever created is all that can be said, an awesome track that never dies.
  4. The Unseen
    by The Afterimage
    Once again!! A killer step up from Seeking, delivering everything from before but even better and passing on as another perfect 'djent' single paired with brutal technical riffs and divine bliss it doesn't get much better than this.
  5. O N Y X
    by The Afterimage
    Finishing their 'Single' run this song totally makes it go out with a bang. The start to the end of this track is a complete beautiful experience to your ears it will bring tears to your eyes :"( Bravo AI
    Key of existence Key of existence
  7. Travelers
    by Modern day babylon
    Lost in dreams Lost in dreams
  8. The Ocean Atlas
    by Modern Day Babylon
    Illusion Illusion
  9. Embark
    by The Parallel
    Pendulum (feat. Eric Almeida of AURAS) Pendulum (feat. Eric Almeida of AURAS)
  10. The Artificials
    by The Artificials
    Blue Constant Blue Constant
  11. Binary Dreams
    by The Ansible
    VoidWalker Feat. Christian McGahan VoidWalker Feat. Christian McGahan