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  1. Loot Bag
    by Mustin
  2. Ex-Zodiac Original Soundtrack Vol. 1
    by +TEK
  3. Insane In The Rain
    by insaneintherainmusic
    Forward Forward
    Great to see you shifting from arrangements to original work. Looking forward to seeing where your work might show up some day! Keep up the amazing stuff, you're one of my all-time favorites.
  4. Barrel Roll: An Electronic Tribute to Star Fox 64
    by GameGrooves
    Opening Theme (from "Star Fox 64") by Noteblock Opening Theme (from "Star Fox 64") by Noteblock
    An awesome and atmospheric tribute to one of the greats.
  5. Skario Kart: A Ska Tribute to Mario Kart 64
    by GameGrooves
    3 Raceways & Wario Stadium 3 Raceways & Wario Stadium
    A classic OST given new life with a 90's-approproate ska take. Good stuff, perfect for peppy, upbeat background music while getting tasks done.
  6. Gusty Garden (from "Super Mario Galaxy")
    by Ben Briggs
  7. Maiden Flight
    by Prime Legion
  9. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Matt Griffin & Dan Murdoch
  10. Yooka-Laylee (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, Steve Burke
  11. Identity Sequence
    by zircon
    Just Hold On (ft. Jillian Aversa) Just Hold On (ft. Jillian Aversa)
    Such a great album full of melancholic, introspective, evocative electronic music with some accompanied by moody lyrical performances.
  12. Indivisible (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Scarlet Moon Records
  13. The First Half (Jan-July 2019)
    by NoteBlock
    Spar With Tartar (BONUS) Spar With Tartar (BONUS)
  14. Zeldawave // 近藤 浩治 // OOT
    by Polygon Dream
    シーク (Sheik's Theme) シーク (Sheik's Theme)
    Awesome album that does what you'd expect -- moody vibes.
  15. Mega Man 4 Remade
    by RushJet1
  16. Mega Man Remade
    by RushJet1
  17. Stray Notes
    by RushJet1
  18. Various Remixes
    by RushJet1
  19. Mega Man II GB Remade
    by RushJet1
  20. Radiation
    by RushJet1