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  1. Feeling Wild
    by Sensual World
  2. "Demo 2019"
    by Nü-klē-ər Blast Suntan
  3. Andy the Doorbum/Yardwork Split
    by Andy the Doorbum
  4. Songs of Andy (Side B)
    by Andy the Doorbum
  5. Songs of Andy (Side A)
    by Andy the Doorbum
  6. The Man Killed The Bird, And With The Bird He Killed The Song, And With The Song, Himself.
    by Andy the Doorbum
  7. HYK - 9119
    by HYK
  8. Demo Tape
    by Fail Sons
    Eclectic Eclectic
    Like a better Rancid or Green Day with more brevity!
  9. Dreaming in a Dead Language
    by Mo'ynoq
    These Once Tranquil Grounds These Once Tranquil Grounds
    one of the best USBM bands, love the Lovecraftian themes
  10. Bardo
    by Mo'ynoq
  11. Papillon Noir
    by Doléance
    Torture Romanesque Torture Romanesque
    killer riffs and depressive as fuck.
  12. A Path Unknown
    by ION
    V V
    one of my favorite USBM bands, every song is fucking great.
  13. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Walk with Me
    by Jherek Bischoff
  14. Humble Pi
    by Homeboy Sandman & Edan
  15. Blot out the Worthless Sun (LP)
    by Nü-klē-ər Blast Suntan
  16. Tender Opposites
    by TOPS
  17. Mondays
    by Sunday Morning
  18. Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under
    by Amanda Palmer
  19. Ordinaire
    by Stepdad
  20. Chapter 3 - Neil Gaiman Reads!
    by Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, and Amanda Palmer
  21. Chapter 2 - Amanda Fucking Palmer Rocks
    by Amanda Palmer, Kevin Smith, and Neil Gaiman
  22. Chapter 1 - The Neil/Amanda Interview
    by Kevin Smith, Neil Gaiman, and Amanda Palmer
  23. Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele
    by Amanda Palmer