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  1. Saint Max is Missing and the Fanatics are Dead
    by Saint Max & The Fanatics
    Afraid of Love Afraid of Love
    Imagine if someone discovered the second Smiths album, but it had never been released. Morrissey's dream album: a little bit more fey than The Smiths, but just the way he would have loved it at the time. - DJ Hallogallo, Infinite Eargasm
  2. Bells Atlas
    by Bells Atlas
    Incessant Noise Incessant Noise
    Stunning subtle organic afro soul from an Oakland favorite. Their chemistry and excellent song writing make them seem like a group that has been together a lot longer than 2-3 years. - Jon Oliver, The Main Ingredient
  3. Regal Degal's Speckled Fruit
    by Regal Degal
    Eaten Alive In Front Of Stained Glass Eaten Alive In Front Of Stained Glass
    Ever wanted to dip your head into a bowl of Uriah Heep while tripping on Morphine while listening to Evan Dando? The doctor has just written a prescription to provide high fives on the groovy train. - Ted Shumaker, Gay Beach
  4. Solar Shifting
    by Devonian Gardens
    Goldbond Goldbond
    The variety on this album is astounding, while the songs still work together to make the framework of a super-solid album. Carefully crafted garage jams, boisterously spaced-out vocal layers -- their psychedelic medicine show is ethereal, colourful and filled with interplay. - Mike Newman, Beyond Beyond is Beyond
  5. Open The Sky
    by The Velcro Lewis Group
    Inside My Cloud Inside My Cloud
    The harmonies of Motown, the groove of Stax, the drugs of Hawkwind, and the drive of Bohannon with their own LSD-laced barbecue of sound. - Mike Newman, Beyond Beyond is Beyond
  6. The Weather on Milk Mountain
    by Très Bien!
    Delivering the spirit of The Pretty Things and The Animals circa 1965 with the pop sensibility of Miles Kane and Paul Weller -- garage rock released from the garage into the heat of the Florida sunshine, music to make you feel.......good. - Gaz Thomas, Atlantic Tunnel
  7. II
    by Föllakzoid
    9 9
    Stellar Chilean kosmiche space jams pointed at the Southern Cross. - DJ Hallogallo, Infinite Eargasm
  8. Jamaican Fruit of African Roots EP
    by Sheila Rickards, King Tubby, Prince Philip, The Aggrovators.
    Roots Jamaica Dub Roots Jamaica Dub
    Obscure 70's track from legendary producers, only just re-released with dubs and a capella, very worth the purchase. - DJ Queen Majesty, Jamaica Rock
  9. Odd Furniture EP
    by Salva
    Take a cue from the title and drop this during a summertime picnic to turn an otherwise lazy day activity into an afternoon of furious booty shaking. Salva delivers an excellent 5-track EP for the Friends of Friends label with the final cut earning standout honors. - Hannah Rad, Belly Of The Beast
  10. DEMO 2013
    by Forsaken
    Supernatural Supernatural
    Metal/hardcore crossover from the United Kingdom. Recommended for fans of Leeway, Cro-Mags and Iron Age. Huge riffs! - Jonathan Buske, Black N Blue Takeover
  11. Bait an Orchard
    by The Dreebs
    Fucking In a Pool Fucking In a Pool
    I cannot successfully describe the Dreebs and be able to capture everything they entail sonically, but I do know that they are maybe the most interesting band in Brooklyn, at least musically. - Edan Wilber, Death By Audio
  12. Purp, Wind & Fire
    by Grip Plyaz
    Fuck dat Hipster Shit Fuck dat Hipster Shit
    The underground hip-hop artist’s highly anticipated album, released last year, shows us the real ATL. - DJ Dirrty, Baller's Eve
  13. Demo
    by Missionary
    Kill Me Kill Me
    Heavy, fast and obnoxious, Missionary are one of several new bands from Brooklyn's thriving hardcore scene. - EVR Staff
  14. Kaytra Todo
    All We Do ft. JMSN All We Do ft. JMSN
    Kick back with easy-to-swallow instrumental hip-hop beats from this Montreal producer. Served best with less clothes on...Decipher that as you wish. - Hannah Rad, Belly Of The Beast
  15. The ONE...COHESIVE
    by G-Side
    This defunct Huntsville, Alabama group helped shed light on the fact that the "south got something to say" in hip-hop. - DJ Dirrty, Baller's Eve
  16. Grudge On The Weak EP
    by Degenerate
    Grudge on the Weak Grudge on the Weak
    Modern day metal/hardcore crossover with massive riffs reminiscent of SOD/MOD, Leeway and Nuclear Assault. Wow! - Jonathan Buske, Black N Blue Takeover
  17. Jah Light + Dubversion
    by Sylford Walker
    Jah Light Jah Light
    I'm happy to support any new music coming from one of my favorite roots artists, Sylford Walker. - Queen Majesty, Jamaica Rock
  18. Turbulence
    by Miami Nights 1984
    Tiger42 Tiger42
    Time goes out the window when this album is on. 'Turbulence'
    throws you right into the drivers seat of a speeding Ferrari in the
    summer of 1984. I'm not even kidding! - DJ Jerry Jones, Gold River Show
  19. Thee Open Sex
    by Thee Open Sex
    Walkin' The Dog Walkin' The Dog
    Musically all over the map, these guys and gal hail from Bloomington, Indiana, where they are part of the Magnetic South scene that also includes Apache Dropout. This record is great from beginning to end. - Edan Wilber, Death By Audio
  20. Revenant
    by Mudo Auxilio
    Alchemy Doubt Alchemy Doubt
    Gritty industrial/minimal synth jams from Los Angeles. Yet another outlet for the work of American underground capo Greh Holger. - EVR Staff