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  1. Whimsical (Introverted Sensing)
    by Lili Aqvq
  2. Black Halo
    by Hybrid
  3. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  4. Wardown
    by Wardown
  5. Fly Vultures Fly
    by Atombombpocketknife
  6. Jet Row
    by Lenola
  7. Immovable
    by ArHai
    I haven't dropped my jaw like this for a long time...imagine if Dead Can Dance covered "Another Language" by Lamb; this is about where you'd end up. Full of drama, full of push and pull...I bought the entire discography off the strength of this song.
  8. Where Light Resides
    by ArHai
  9. Eastern Roads
    by ArHai
  10. Mysterion
    by ArHai
  11. Pythagoreo. SEMANTICA 126
    by Artificial Drm
    Serenity Serenity
    I love a lot of ambient house. But the genre was too druggy/trippy to know where to evolve, despite the potential to go a lot of different ways.

    Pythagoreo's the first album I've heard to feel like a true evolution of ambient house rather than an extension of deep house/Burial outlook. It's dedicated to good home listening tempos and rhythms, and there are great sonic details along the journey. It's not the psychedelic journey of 1991; it's just a great music journey of 2021.
  12. Materia. SEMANTICA 125
    by Simone Giudice
    Inerzia (feat. Neel) Inerzia (feat. Neel)
    It's rare to find an album based in drone that A) still finds a way to constantly move and B) wears a lot of sonic influences on its sleeve. As a result, the climaxes in these tracks feel like real payoffs in a way that reviews of this sort of album often say are there but don't quite do it for me. Listen to "Passione" the whole way through and you'll understand what I mean. The attention to detail and the perfect layer-building set it apart.
  13. There's Much Left to Explore
    by Restless Mosaic
  14. Les Fleurs du Mal (instr.)
    by SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble Of Shadows
  15. Consider this: the true Meaning of Love (intr.)
    by SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble Of Shadows
  16. 1 Crystal Skulls (WRA Remix)
    by Shpongle
  17. Future Toyi Toyi
    by Keleketla!
  18. Magnetic Service E.P.
    by Azu Tiwaline
  19. Draw Me a Silence Part. I
    by Azu Tiwaline
  20. Draw Me a Silence Part. II
    by Azu Tiwaline