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  1. The Trigger Effect
    by Cyanotic
  2. Rabbit Junk (2004) Original and 2008 Remaster
    by Rabbit Junk
  3. Reframe (2006) - Original and Remaster
    by Rabbit Junk
  4. Jingle All the Way Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
  5. Dune Theme
    by JP Anderson (feat. Rabbit Junk)
  6. Modified Mortality (Remix Album)
    by Rabbit Junk
  7. T2
    by Cyanotic
  8. Architects of Death (Rabbit Junk Mix)
    by Amelia Arsenic
  9. Rabbit Junk Will Die: Meditations on Mortality
    by Rabbit Junk
  10. Kvlt Life
    by Ovter God
  11. We Only Love You When You're Dead
    by Encephalon
  12. Tech Noir
    by Cyanotic
  13. Like the Flesh Does the Knife
    by Rabbit Junk
  14. Clear a Path
    by Cyanotic
  15. Vital (I saw Will Byers on the Dance Floor mix by Rabbit Junk)
    by Solid State (Remix by Rabbit Junk)
  16. Glitch Mode Recordings Spring 2016 Sampler
    by Glitch Mode Recordings
  17. Ghetto Blasphemer II - From the Stars (2010 - special flashback release)
    by Rabbit Junk
  18. Angry Robot Music - Merry Glitchmas 2015 Edition
    by Glitch Mode Recordings
    NeuroJam NeuroJam
  19. BEAST
    by Rabbit Junk
    Beast Beast
  20. Worst Case Scenario Vol.1+2
    by Cyanotic
    When People Lose Control When People Lose Control
  21. Angry Robot Music
    by Glitch Mode Recordings
  22. Drek Kick
    by Cyanotic
    Demons [cya-junk version] Demons [cya-junk version]
  23. Invasion EP
    by Rabbit Junk
    Invasion Invasion
  24. Pop That Pretty Thirty
    by Rabbit Junk
    Clock That Pretty Killer Clock That Pretty Killer
  25. The Awakening
    by Breath & Decay
  26. Glitch Mode Presents: Merry Glitchmas
    by Glitch Mode Recordings
    From The Ashes From The Ashes