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  1. Witch's Game
    by Cirith Ungol
  2. New Organon
  3. The Hole
    by Obliterations
  4. Obliterations
    by Obliterations
  5. Face Stabber
    by Oh Sees
  6. Floating Coffin
    by Oh Sees
  7. Live In San Francisco
    by Oh Sees
  8. Smote Reverser
    by Oh Sees
  9. In the Water EP
    by River Valley Rangers
  10. Ghoul Days
    by Dr. DeVito
  11. Sleeping In
    by Los DeVitos
  12. Songs From The Dismal West
    by The Chupacabras
  13. Black Denim Blitz - ALBUM
    by The Hip Priests
  14. Stand For Nothing ALBUM
    by The Hip Priests
  15. GFPD25
    by Crash Party
  16. Crashing Your Party Volume Two
    by Crash Party
  17. Always Bumpin' The Funk | 2010 - 2014
    by Dancefloor Outlaws
  18. Ghetto Funk Presents: Featurecast (GFP04)
    by Featurecast
  19. 50 Classic Booties (2007-2013)
    by Slynk
  20. Featurecast presents - Queensbridge
    by Featurecast
  21. Run for Cover
    by Featurecast
  22. Curses from Past Times (Remastered)
    by ProleteR
    Mayflowers Feat.Taskrok (2018 Digital Remaster) Mayflowers Feat.Taskrok (2018 Digital Remaster)
    Brilliant album.

    Great combinations of old and new music. could (and have) listen to it for hours.
  23. Bubbles
    by ProleteR
  24. Life playing tricks EP
    by ProleteR
    Alone after all Alone after all
    truly a masterpiece of an album.

    Beautiful blend of jazz, funk, and hip hop. I've been listening to this for a couple of days straight now, and I honestly cannot get over the composition of these pieces. masterful work.
  25. Coagulating Darkness
    by Hellripper
    by Lifewrecker
  27. Shopliftin' Gabba
    by Shitmat
  28. Roughneck Rarities
    by Shitmat
  29. Global Hypercolour EP
    by Shitmat
  30. Killababylonkutz 2
    by Shitmat
  31. Chinese Fountain
    by the Growlers
  32. Self Titled 1993
    by Dropdead
  33. The Infinite Mirror Of Millennial Narcissism
    by Born to Murder the World
  34. Bastards
    by Fukpig
  35. Belief Is The Death Of Intelligence
    by Fukpig
    by Negativ
  37. It's Not That Bed
    by Etc. Etc. Etc.
  38. Good Morning America
  39. Yellow Belly
    by Gets Worse
  40. The Blues
    by Gets Worse
  41. Blacked Out
    by Gets Worse
  42. We Are Haymaker
    by Haymaker
  43. What I Am (Live in Minneapolis, Cover by Skinflicks)
  44. We Apologize To Nobody
  45. Plague Dogs
    by Plague Dogs