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  1. electronic lifeforms
    by heimelektronik - MAS 2008 - Herr Müller
  2. Cognitive Dissonance
    by Trichome
  3. [MS-01] Sequences #1-4
    by MCMLXV [Productions]
    4 (+1) hyper-effective tunes for your infinite goosebumps-therapy. Seq #2 transfers the mind to the shivering forest of dimmed dreams on the back of wiggling boreal lights, while Seq #3 is the ambience-powered up-lifting force for the evaporated ascending soul - *waving at Cloudbase on the way!
  4. Harmonic
    by Analog~1
  5. Time Trap Teknik
    by The Advent
  6. Fragments of the Future ep
    by ADJ
  7. Mirror Watcher
    by Gosub
  8. The Last Time...
    by Gosub
  9. Black Site (E.R.P. Remix)
    by Ynfynyt Scroll
  10. C3I
    by Ynfynyt Scroll
  11. The Countless Stones [PLANT43002LP]
    by Plant43
  12. M
    by Jensen Interceptor
  13. Three Dimensions
    by Plant43
  14. Lo-res Dreams
    by Plant43
  15. Mycology 2
    by Plant43
  16. Prosperity Stream Divider
    by Client_03
  17. Hope Repeater
    by Client_03
  18. Debt Loop Buffer
    by Client_03
  19. Programmed By Man Album
    by Brice Kelly
  20. The Lonely Machine - [FS019]
    by John Shima