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  1. Cf.
    by Yves De Mey
  2. Ex Complet
    by Yves De Mey
  3. UELN
    by Yves De Mey
  4. The Belgian Wave (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    by Yannick Franck / RAUM
  5. Le début
    by Les Antonymes
  6. A Party In Tears
    by Pornographie Exclusive
  7. Now / Never / Whenever Vol.1
    by Oval
  8. CAVE
    by La fin des pseudonymes
  9. Snow Is Absence Singing
    by øjeRum
    i hadnt picked anything in øjeRum's huge discography in a long time ( last time was on Opal Tapes i think ) and this is not disappointing : 2 beautiful long tracks, very well crafted, not minimal at all !
  10. The Pattern
    by Logan Heuer
    excellent album, i dont know exactly the processes at work here, but reminds me of some Wolf Eyes album, transition between noise and structures
  11. Zone Bleue
    by Zone Bleue
    what a nice surprise ! upon first hearing i was caught by the melodic and arpeggiation approach, with the synthetic or sampled voices, which have a slightly nostalgic feeling - then i realised it was another of Amédée's project, whose work is always interesting. I was on trip recently and i played this a few times, along Avventur "2020-2021" and Raymonde ( forgot the name, but on Vlek i think ) : perfect matches. musique pour la route.
  12. Fatal Strategies
    by Various Artists
    wow. i've only scratched the surface of this compilation, but it delivers. Starting with Beyt-Al-Tapes, i hadnt heard since "Zimbabwe", wonderful opening, full of plops, hiss, overtones... un compilation à déguster en prenant son temps !
  13. Distorted Reality
    by Carrageenan
  14. SNP-028 | Not Now
    by Slow Natured
    here is a single that makes me impatient to hear some more. beautiful etheral chords, very well thought out composition, with a generous but well dosed reverb.
  15. 最 後 に 永 遠 に
    by you still feel them out there, don't you
  16. 80s–TAPES Vol.1 (1985-1990)
    by N O N P L A C E
    impressive : so before Nonplace, Drome and all his more recent records, Burnt Friedman was already doing music that was of as good quality ! looking forward to the other volumes ;) also recommended are Drome Anthology 1 & 2 !
  17. NYH313 Awtriep - Voomu
    by New York Haunted
    i loved the in-your-face, spontaneous, fresh feel of this record ! great stuff !
  18. NYH317 Atlantia Death Zquadron - Wrong Dose
    by New York Haunted
  19. Issue
    by Sabri Meddeb
  20. Imitation Plantae - EP
    by Galtier