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  1. Recipes from the Bible
    by Irk
  2. Good Dog
    by Dephamy
    Good Dog Good Dog
  3. Silent Birth
    by Dephamy
    Should've Should've
  4. Bread and Honey
    by Irk
    You're Welcome You're Welcome
    Irk is one of the most criminally underrated bands in human history.
    This EP has the most crushing drum and bass sounds I've ever heard in this genre, and I'd challenge anyone to show me a better bass tone than the one on this album.
    Great songs, great lyrics, great performances, and great production. Buy this if you like good music and/or breathing air.
  5. Irk | Wren
    by Irk | Wren
    You Sound Like My Ex-Wife You Sound Like My Ex-Wife
    Wren and Irk join forces for this EP to create the perfect mix of grooves that have the potential to break your neck (Irk), and metal so doom that you'll probably have to get a haircut by the end of each song (Wren).
    All jokes aside though, this EP is absolutely amazing, and by far the most coherent sounding Split release I've ever heard.
    (P.S. Thanks for signing my CD, ya'll are the best!)
  6. Recipes from the Bible
    by Irk
    Pounds per Square Inch Pounds per Square Inch
    This album truly touched my soul. The filthy sound of the recordings alone felt like something I could reach out and taste with my eardrums. I'm not sure how to better describe this album, so all I can really do is assure everyone that this release is fully worth your time, money, and attention. (& I strongly urge you all to give it a listen-through).
  7. Shattered, Flattered & Covered – A Tribute To Unsane - "Disdain"
    by Irk
    Irk has managed to take a song that was already amazing in its own right, make it their own, tie 10-ton weights to the mix, and then spit it back into our ears.
    This cover of "Disdain" proves how undeniably rock-solid Irk's sonic chemistry is as a trio.
  8. Alchemy For The Dead
    by Spotlights
  9. No Convenient Apocalypse
    by Pissed Jeans
  10. Why Love Now
    by Pissed Jeans
  11. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
  12. Remove Your Skin Please
    by Chat Pile
  13. This Dungeon Earth
    by Chat Pile
  14. Productive Disruption
    by Deaf Club
    For a Good Time, Call Someone Else For a Good Time, Call Someone Else
    This is real punk.
    by KNOWER
  16. You Won't Get What You Want
    by Daughters
    The Lords Song The Lords Song
    This band has reinvented themselves many times over throughout their eclectic careers, but I believe this is one of the most "dark" turns they've ever taken. "You Won't Get What You Want" has an engaging pace throughout the whole release, and includes more melody and repetition than any previous Daughters' album. Even though it wasn't a conscious effort from the band, I believe they've entered a new space artistically, and I'm excited to see what comes next.
  17. Daughters
    by Daughters
    Sweet Georgia Brown Sweet Georgia Brown
    Daughters continues to impress me with their ability to maintain their original sound while always adapting to new ideas with each album. This self-titled album is a far cry from the likes of "Canada Songs", but it's still purposeful and fitting within the Daughter's discography. Daughters uses a much more slowed-down, doom metal type approach to songwriting in this album, and the lyrical hooks are a lot more prevalent as a result... Not my favorite Daughter's album, but still amazing stuff.
  18. Hell Songs
    by Daughters
    Hyperventilationsystem Hyperventilationsystem
    Daughters' "Hell Songs" has quickly become one of my all-time favorite albums. Everything about this project screams originality, innovation, and honesty. The guitars are hectic but precise, while the lower register is saturated and grounding. I strongly urge you to purchase this album even if you don't like it right away! It will grow on you as you begin to absorb all the nuances and personal meanings within each song... I seriously can't praise this album enough.
  19. Unsilent Death (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by Nails
  20. Centralia
    by Car Bomb
    Cellophane Stiletto Cellophane Stiletto