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Dylan Bean

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  2. Alternative
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  1. Evening Botany
    by Evening Botany
    Your Sweet Love Your Sweet Love
    This music soars.
  2. A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling
    by Magdalena Bay
  3. Aurora
    by Unicorns at Heart
  4. Summer 2020
    by Z Tapes
  5. Known / Unknown
    by Jessica in The Rainbow
  6. In the clouds vol. 3
    by In the clouds
  7. New Arcadia
    by JustMakeMeCry
  8. In the clouds vol. 1
    by In the clouds
  9. Astral
    by Yani Martinelli
  10. the woods
    by metagirl
  11. Hope For European Bedrooms
    by Z Tapes
  12. TX
    by Nate Cole
    Two Longhorns in the Rain Two Longhorns in the Rain
  13. Soil: Song from Silence
    by Nailah Hunter
  14. Flanafi
    by flanafi
    This album is full of so many blissful musical moments. The sound never stagnates. Just keeps meandering through varied colors and textures. The songs defy structure without being too loose. They come off really playful and suave. Kind of like an Erykah Badu album if I had to compare. I will definitely keep following Flanafi’s future releases out of curiosity.
  15. Winter 2020
    by Z Tapes
    scream door scream door
    ZTapes is one of my go-to sources for new music. I was stoked to be a part of this compilation. A true mixed bag - my faves on this comp are the cozy, heartfelt acoustic sounds from artists like Lizdelise, Ghost Orange and Etai. Wake in June makes me want to dance always. Oh and I vibe out to that Iver Arturo Principe track too.
  16. Sin Syndrome
  17. The Hazy Seas
    by The Hazy Seas
    Saltbath Saltbath
    Uptempo warehouse party guitar jams. Each song is a sweaty cyclone bound to ease your frustrated mind.
  18. Our Stories
    by Twilight Fields
  19. As Dawn Comes
    by Sunshine Afterlife
  20. Handlebars (Everyman of Parts cover) feat. Bryan Ralph
    by Jessica in The Rainbow